Praying to Our Father: by Robert Ernest Poston. $12.00 + $2.00 P&H. The Lordís Prayer is the model prayer for Christians, the most commonly-known prayer in the Christian faith, and perhaps so familiar that we recite it with hardly a thought. This book carefully explores the meaning of each line of the Lord's Prayer and the spirit in which each line should be prayed.


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About the Book
About the Author

About the book

This book is grounded on close reading of Scripture, informed by the wisdom and experience of decades of ministerial service. It is not written for the expert theologian, though, but for anyone who desires a deeper understanding of this prayer and why it is a model for all believers.


The higher motive of prayer is to desire communion and fellowship with God. We are to thank and praise God for his goodness. We are to confess sin and accept God's forgiveness and cleansing We are to intercede for others. We are to pray to know God's will and for the strength and courage to do it.

This prayer is too big for the bigot, or the rugged individualist, or the loner. It is a prayer of brothers and sisters in the family of God the Father for each other. All whose faith is in Jesus the Christ are children of God through that faith.

You cannot truly pray "our Father" if you do not accept all Christians everywhere as your brothers and sisters in the family of God. To the degree that you harbor any prejudice, bias, or discrimination in your heart toward those of another race, culture, class, or nation you violate the spirit of this prayer.

About the Author
ROBERT ERNEST POSTON is a retired Baptist minister now living in Hendersonville, North Carolina. He is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He has served as a home missionary and has pastored churches in Kentucky and North Carolina and taught at the Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute in Fruitland, North Carolina. He is currently working on a compilation of sermons from his years in the pulpit. He is a father, a grandfather, and a great-grandfather. His prayer is that all who may read this treatment of the Lordís Prayer will be blessed.

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