Senator Bollweevil, Cat Extraordinaire, A Memoir ISBN 978-0-9989373-0-4, 117 pages by Anita H. Lenssen.

Join Senator as he moves into a quiet residential neighborhood looking for a home, and makes his mark as the local spokes-cat and historian. Using information he acquires and based on actual events, he weaves a tapestry of joy and sorrow, wisdom and happenstance into a story for all ages.

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About the Book
About the Author

About the book

Senator Bollweevil, Cat Extraordinaire, A Memoir is the story of a Southern-bred, gentleman cat's life, acquaintances, occurrences, and the pursuit of a happily full tummy. This memoir is Senator Bollweevil's way of addressing many issues that can and often do affect cats in a variety of circumstances. The need to make cat owners, their children, care givers, and cat lovers aware of a cats basic needs, health and traits, are of primary importance to him. His choice to relay the information in an easily remembered story rather than text book format makes this book a perfect gift or keepsake for cat lovers to read and re-read.


This book is dedicated to all veterinarians; men and women, past and present, at home or abroad, who through research and application work to prevent disease and pestilence, thereby making the world a safer environment for animals and humans alike.

Why in the world would anyone want to read a book penned by a cat? you ask. Because it's full of lessons to be learned by cat owners and future cat owners alike. Who better to tell why a cat does what it does than a cat?

Fuzzbucket, safely inside the house, was beside herself. "Usurper! Rogue! Beggar!" she screamed at me through the plate glass picture window above me. With her paws pressed tightly against the window and tail furiously lashing back and forth, she added several more unladylike insults to her rant. Any other time I might have taken offense at the expletives she hurled at me, but I was so intent on satisfying my intense hunger that I plain didn't care. I had had a plate of food given solely to me. I didn't have to share it, and I intended to savor each bite to the utmost, regardless of how anyone else felt about it. I simply got up, walked around to the other side of the plate, and with my back to the window sat down and continued to eat.

Of Note:

$2.00 of the cost of each book will be donated to the North Carolina Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

About the Author

Anita H Lenssen, a native North Carolinian, has worked with a myriad of animals. She concentrates mainly on working with senior, geriatric, and disabled, hard to place cats. Through reading and counseling with the amazing veterinarians she has been privileged to know she has gained an understanding of working with cats. As president of the North Carolina Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for over 20 years she can attest that animals, especially cats, are subjected to acts of cruelty, whether through ignorance or with malice. It is not her intention to refer to anything worse than what Senator tells in his story. This book is not about a place in time, but about a state of heart and mind.

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