De Oppresso Liber: A Poetry and  Prose Anthology By Special Forces Soldiers
94 page perfect bound

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Poems and short stories are all submitted by Special Forces qualified soldiers and are about Special Forces Operations and war in general. It expresses the soldier's observations and feelings about combat operations past and present. Included works range from the exceptional to the absurd:-) All are very interesting! This one of a kind book will be a collector's item.  see a sample poem below.

About the Book
About the Contributors


De Opperesso Liber

About the book

De Oppresso Liber (To Free the Oppressed) is a collection of poetry by Special Forces soldiers about their experiences or thoughts concerning their service to the country and of others like them in all parts of the world. 
Tom Davis
  Am I Forgotten?
  It’s Time to Let Go (short story)
  The Bloody Yawn (short story)
  Dear Molly (short story)

 Thomas A. Gluzinski
  Brotherhood of Silence 
  Preparing the Way
  Liquid Memories
  The Tears of the Eagle
  War is a Disease
  Pillars in the Desert
  Battalions of Angels
  The “Teamhouse” over Time
  Unconventional Warfare Our Stock In Trade
  Haiku Forms For the Warrior Elite

 Greg Hoisington
  (A toast) To War...

 Rick Schad
  Burning Questions
  Water Operations
  The Jump
  Kindling Truth

James R. Jarrett
  Horseman, Pass By
  Death in the Ashau (short story)
  Sabers in the Sand

 L.H. “Bucky” Burruss
  I Will Remember You
  This Has Become Our Home
  Upon Return to Active Duty – 1969

 CPT (R) Henry J. Briscoe

 Howard B. Cohen
  Hanoi Jane
  Remembering Friends
  Bar Girls
  Body Bags

 Jeffrey Armadillo Forker
  The Toasting Skull
  The Infamous Green Beret
  Tears From Sand
  Ode To Murph

Sample Poems:

Am I Forgotten?
      Tom Davis

Brown leaves, curled and frost covered 
Crunch beneath my feet
Morning air crackles
Its freshness burns my nose
In the distance, a combine whines
The dusty smell of peanuts hovers about

By a fallen tree, I sit
I turn for my father
He is not there
I cradle his Winchester
Overhead oak limbs intertwine
Like loosely woven burlap
Shafts of light beam down
Dotting the forest floor 

Ringing echoes down the hall
The stench of Hanoi fills my nostrils
I knuckle eyes,
empty as a beggar’s cup
My feet swing to the floor
Turning, I stretch to my toes
And grind my fists into my back
I plod the cement floor
To grasp cold bars

And I wonder
Am I forgotten?


Brotherhood of Silence 
Thomas A. Gluzinski

For over fifty years we’ve served to date
Providing vigilance at freedom’s gate
Our names are legion and kept away
From prying eyes lurking everyday

Our campaigns are kept in secret script
Our deeds unknown silenced not stripped
From cold war days across the globe
To fields in the middle east yet untold

Always moving swiftly in the night 
Our weapons at the ready with terrible might
Our brotherhood speaks in deeds not words
To rid the world of its evil scourge

From the rice paddies and highlands of Vietnam 
To the caves of Tora Bora and well beyond
Our deeds are spattered with the blood of time
Our enemies defeated we remain in our prime

Like lightening bolts striking sharp and swift
Engaging with precision to create a rift
Our targets, our strategy ever true and engaging 
The enemy on the run retreats while trembling

Our swords and daggers are sharp and straight
Carried with us always through deaths gate
Providing swift and deadly precision
At every turn when the battle comes to fruition

The arrows in our quiver are quiet when sent
Stealth of purpose our unrelenting intent
Quietly engaged in secrecy and silence 
We execute our tasks with deep conscience

Our charter is simple but carries great weight
Our goal is the preservation of the state
To keep the bell of liberty ringing true
For all free peoples through and through

De Oppresso Liber in Latin, our motto you see
Freeing oppressed peoples our charge must be
The quiet professionals are first to the fight
And the brotherhood is always last out at night

That piece of green felt that we hold so dear
Is our badge of courage to abate our fear
We carry it every where that we travel
In combat or in peace we will not unravel

We mourn our comrades that have fallen in war
And prepare ourselves to settle the score
Preparing for the battle for another day
Our vigilance intact our minds don’t stray

All of my brothers have carried the weight
As we provide vigilance at freedom’s gate
These are men, America’s best
And proven so when put to the test

About the Authors

Retired Army CPT Henry J. Briscoe, a WWII [503rd PIR in Pacific (Combat jump on Corregidor)] and Korean War (7th ID) rifle company commander, was awarded a Silver Star in each war as well as a Soldiers Medal, Navy/Marine Medal, Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts. He was his son’s hero. Submitted by his son, COL (R) Chuck Briscoe

L.H. “Bucky” Burruss served two tours in the 5th SFG’s country-wide reaction force, the Nha Trang Mike Force. He is the author of five books: Mike Force, a Mission for Delta, Clash of Steel, Heart of the Storm, and All That Mat­ters. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1987 after serving as Deputy Commander of the Delta Force.

Howard B, Cohen’s M.D.Col.(Ret) poems can be found in his volume of poetry No Slack Authorized. The poems are about the Vietnam war and are taken from his experience and stories told to him by wounded soldiers he cared for at Fitzsimons Hospital.

Thomas (Tom) Hoyt Davis, III (AKA The Squid), holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Georgia and a master’s degree from the University of Southern California. Tom entered the Army as a private and retired as a full colonel. He spent 20 of his 30+ years in the Army serving with Special Forces on four continents and in ten foreign countries. He has worn a Green Beret at every rank from 2LT to Colonel and commanded at every level from A Teams to a Joint Special Operations Task Force. The various A Teams he commanded specialized in Mountaineering, Underwater Operations, High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) parachute techniques, and Small Atomic Demolitions Munitions (SADM). In addition to the Army’s Command and General Staff College and Army War College, he has attended Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces, Underwater Operations (UWO), Danish Combat Swimmer, Special Forces Surface Swimmer Infiltration Technique Course, High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) parachute school, Small Atomic Demolitions Munitions (SADM) and many others. He has had numerous articles and short stories published in professional and literary mag­azines. He has also had published a collection of short stories, The Life and Times of Rip Jackson Growing up Southern and his first action adventure novel, The R-complex.

Jeffrey Armadillo Mother Forker’s Poetry has never appeared anywhere, and actually has been outlawed in the Western Hemisphere, due to matters of taste and style. None­theless, Jeff continues to write late into most nights. “It’s either that or drink,” Jeff likes to tell detractors who often beg him to stop writing. 

      Author’s note: In the poem “Tears from Sand,” Miller is Rick Schad, who has changed his last name since his 5th Group days.

Thomas A. Gluzinski, CWO3(R), 180A’s work is a published poet and a distinguished member and ambassador of the International Poet Society. He writes poetry in many forms and styles to express his thoughts, feelings and emotions from his life experiences. Many of his works have an intellectual flair with deep philosophical perspectives. The work is for your intellectual stimulation, reading pleasure and personal reflection. He is currently working on a book of poetry for publication entitled The Warrior Mind. This work is completely in Japanese forms using Haiku, Senryu, Tanka and others. You can find some of his work on and also On look under the pen name skydyv.

Greg Hoisington’s poetry and short stories have ap­peared on latrine walls and other seamy locations, as well as on munitions, in various parts of the world, often times under different names. If he told you any more, he would have to kill you...

James R. Jarrett soldier, horseman, teacher, spy. It has been one hell of a ride. Project Delta Recon, 5th Special Forces Group, 1st Special Forces.

RICK SCHAD is also known throughout the Special Forces community by his adopted name: Rick Miller. He legally changed his name back to Schad in 1994.Schad graduated from Special Forces training in 1982. He served in the 5th Special Forces Group as a communications sergeant on ODA-553 and ODA-551. While serving in the 5thGroup, Rick traveled to Sicily and Egypt. He trans­ferred to the 7th Special Forces Group in 1986, first serving as a platoon sergeant then as the communications sergeant on ODA-786. His assignments with the 7th Group took him to Panama, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Belize. Rick became a Special Forces Instructor in 1989 and returned to the 7th Group in 1992 to assume the operations sergeant slot on ODA-743. He left the Army in 1996 holding the rank of Sergeant First Class. He has a Bachelor of Science in Police Studies from Eastern Kentucky University, where he is also enrolled in the Industrial Education M.S. program. He is pres­ently working on two books for publication: A Boy Among Titans and A War Within.. Schad wrote the poem, “Burning Questions” (included in this work) when he was sixteen years old. This poem was fold­ed and carried in his wallet all throu­gh Basic, AIT, Jump School, Morse Code training, and SFQC. He has several published articles in the Kentucky Law En­forcement Magazine. Schad lives with his wife Shelia in Lexington, Kentucky. Their four children – Tina, Ashley, Jessica, and Nick are all away at college.

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