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The R-complex by Tom Davis: John Crown believed that his Special Forces training and missions existed now only as distant memories.  But when his pregnant wife is killed in an “accident” at the hands of cold-blooded, professional car thieves and racketeers, something else dies too: John’s new life as a husband, soon-to-be father, and successful software engineer in Atlanta, Georgia.  To track down his wife’s unknown murderers, John sets a series of ingenious–and deadly–traps for unwitting, criminal prey.  John fast becomes the underworld’s worst nightmare: a Special Forces-trained vigilante who obeys no law except the one that will bring him peace–the law of revenge.  What he doesn’t know is that some of his prey welcome the challenge, anxious and willing to play his deadly game–to win. Click R-complex to find out more about this action packed new novel.
Check out The Patrol Order, a companion to the Ranger Handbook.

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