The Body at Wrapp’s Mill A Grist Mill Mystery with Marcy Dehanne by Celia H. Miles ISBN 9780983471721 246 pages This murder mystery involves a gristmill in western NC, with "mill consultant" Marcy Dehanne determined to solve the crime and save Wrapp’s Mill without losing her life. To order send check or money order for $13.95 + $2.70 P&H to Celia Miles, 104 Clubwood Court, Asheville, NC 28803. Or order this and other books by this author from the author’s web site at Email the author.

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About the Book
About the Author

About the book

Water powered grist mills are fast disappearing, in need of restoration and preservation. Marcy Dehanne, newly-minted "mill consultant" arrives at the derelict mill to find a corpse. She is determined to save her job, save the mill, and solve the crime–and maybe die trying.



At any grist mill the main attraction for me is the water wheel. Wading through the undergrowth, swishing with Friday afternoon abandon I made my way around the tiny mill to the overshot wheel and naturally looked at the rusting buckets and down. And saw it. Surprise turned my legs rubbery, my stomach queasy. I looked again at what I hoped not to see. 

About the Author
Celia Miles is Appalachian by birth and choice; a retired instructor in the NC community college system, she's authored several works of fiction, edited anthologies, and continues to write about what she is most interested in: neolithic sites and stone circles and grist mills.

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