Church Gigolo By Valderia Brunson 250 pg perfect bound, ISBN 0-9769812-0-3, $15.00 + $1.99 P&H published by New Season Publications, LLC in conjunction with Old Mountain Press. Church Gigolo is a tale of dating in the church and some of the challenges that face Christian singles on their quest to find their mate.  A compelling story that will pull you along while entertaining, humoring and ministering along the way.  To order send check or money order to New Season Publications, P.O. Box 216, Durham, NC 27702 or order from the New Season Publications web site. E-mail the author from the web site.


About the Book
About the Author

Church Gigolo

About the book

Saved, Sanctified and….Still Single

Rapidly approaching thirty, Angel Wells feels like one of the lucky ones.  Especially when there are so many women in their thirties and forties who are still single and desiring to be married.  She had no idea that a good and saved brother like her boyfriend, Greg Burrows, could be anything less than an answer to prayer.   Little did she know that he was the answer to her prayer and the prayers of numerous women in the church.

Greg has found himself in a losing battle.  Saints and skanks alike are pursuing him with as much fervor as he first pursued Angel.  As desperate as he is to please God, he finds himself losing the will to fight temptation, especially when it comes in so many beautiful shapes and sizes.  He knows that a lifelong commitment to Angel is what he really wants, but if he can’t get himself under control, it might not be what he gets.

Terrance Wayne can’t believe that Greg is about to miss out on the best thing that ever happened to him.  His loss will definitely be Terrance’s gain, if only he could convince Angel to let go of the sorry brother.  Terrance is everything she could ever want in a man, fine, funny, intelligent, no baby mamas, and paid for days.  The only thing he isn’t is saved.  He can’t understand why she would let Greg dog her just because he says he’s a Christian.

As a married woman, Cynthia Carter tries her best to offer advice and wisdom as Angel sorts through her man troubles.  Little does Angel, or anyone else, know that Cynthia’s own issues with her wealthy, real estate mogul husband, Edward, are so serious that they threaten to shake the very foundations of the church.

Cheryl Tinsdale is co-Pastor of Faith Tabernacle and desperate to address the challenges and inequities of dating in the church.  She’s disgusted at the men that run through the church like they’re at an all you can eat buffet table.  If only her Pastor and husband, Walter, can see what’s really going on.  Trying to show him may cost Cheryl her marriage.

About the Author
Valderia is a Christian who has always enjoyed reading and writing.  If the teacher asked for a paragraph she would eagerly give a page.  She is excited to be part of the growing Faith Based Fiction movement. 

She is a wife, mother, minister, attorney, and the owner/editor of New Season Publications, LLC which is a Christian newspaper focused on spreading the “good news”

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