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The information below will be used to prepare letters from the publisher of Old Mountain Press to up to 10 individuals who you wish to provide review copies of your book.  To view a template of the letter OMP prepares for your book, click LETTER (Must have the Adobe Reader loaded on your computer) View an actual  Letter 
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Note to Author: In the field below list up to 10 addresses where you will send the OMP letter of notification to. Separate each with a blank line.

Dear: Name as above

Paragraph 1: Old Mountain Press [in conjunction with Your Press if applicable enter name of your press:] is pleased to announce the publication of [Enter Title of Your Book:] by [Enter Your Name:]. 

Note to Author: In the field below write a short description of the book. Placed here is one or two paragraphs that summerize your book and/or what your book has to offer to the reader. You must make every word count, compelling the reviewer to want to read/review your book for their newspaper or magazine. This will be the second paragraph of the letter.
Paragraph 2: 

Note to Author: In the field below, write a short paragraph about your book. Place here one or two paragraphs that tells the review who you are and what credentials you have and/or why you are qualified to write on this subject.  More is not better. Your letter should fit on one page and in no case can it exceed two pages.This will be the third paragraph of the letter.
Paragraph 3: 

Paragraph 4: When you review this book, please mention the book's web page at [www.oldmp.com/bookpage.htm] 

Note to Author: We will build a web page for your book and enter its URL in the letter. If you haven't done so, please fill out the information for your web page by clicking HERE


Tom Davis

NOTE TO AUTHOR : In addition to sending the reviewer a copy of your book, you should also include a one or two page summary that the reviewer might use in writing the review. Old Mountain Press will provide you with up to 10 individually signed letters to anyone you request.  You are responsible for writing and printing out copies of your book's summary

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