Dragonfly Landing by Helen L. O'Reilly ISBN  978-0-9829641-0-1364 pages. Dragonfly Landing is in trouble!  They must replace the village's dying lights.  Two friends set out to find them, challenge the terrifying guardians, and hope to return safely.  Join our heroes as each bend in the road holds hidden dangers and reveals strange worlds populated by creatures beyond belief. $12.99 + $3.00 P&H send check or money order to: 
Helen L. O'Reilly
364 Irwin Lane 
Lillington, NC 27546
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About the Book
About the Author

About the book
What would you do if your whole way of life was threatened, and your only hope is the fables and  fading memories of village elders.  Fortunately for the village of Dragonfly Landing, a young resident and his new found friend take on the challenge. With their unique skills, the pair follows fragmentary clues and put together pieces of the puzzle that will ultimately lead to the mysterious lights the villagers desperately need.

When dangerous circumstances threaten their mission, they encounter a cast of hospitable, quirky and sometimes downright unbelievable characters who come to their aid.  Their travel finally leads them through the bizarre yet beautiful Devil's Gullet cave where they must challenge the terrifying inhabitants for the lights.  Will the heroes make it back home safely or will an unforeseen catastrophe threaten everything they struggled to achieve.  This young adult novel begins in the sedate village of Dragonfly Landing which teeters on the brink of disaster.  Nestled in the dark shadows of a great oak forest you will find a world of unimaginable creatures who will make you laugh, cry, and shout with delight.

About the Author

Helen L. O'Reilly was born and grew up in Texas.  Her love of writing and storytelling began in grade school where she wrote mystery stories for the enjoyment of her classmates.  Encouraged by her 6th grade teacher, Ms Ellis, Helen kept at her writing, and diversified her skills through college journalism courses.  At the same time, her interest in gardening awakened, and flourished in the little plot beside her parents home.  Both activities became lifelong passions, and the gardening influence is evident in her stories.

As a young woman, she met and married an Army officer, and spent years traveling the world, working and living in Europe, Hawaii, and the continental United States.

She began Dragonfly Landing as a series of bedtime stories for her daughters, and developed it over a number of years into a much longer tale.    After much prodding by everyone who wanted to hear the story as a whole, she sat down and put the segments together to create a unique view of the goings on in a world we can't easily see, but one that is all around us.

She is currently working on a second tale with the characters and settings of Dragonfly Landing.

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