Horizons Poems by Nancy Dillingham ISBN: 978-0-9834717-4-5 $10.00 + $1.75 P&H is a 51 page book containing 30 poems.

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About the Book
About the Author

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About the book

In this collection, Nancy Dillingham presents a quirky and selective “history” of individuals and places, some bearing the Dillingham name. Traversing eras and time, she manages to portray, with the poet’s eye, evocative images—sometimes plaintive and poignant, sometimes playful and ironic—that somehow rise to the level of universal.

Her poems offer commentary on a wide range of subjects from 9/11 to self-immolation, from domestic violence to sexual discrimination, from tattoo artists to pick up artists, from boot-leggers to black bears, from the mystique of Jerry Lee Lewis to the secret lives of hummingbirds and how they received the moniker “flying jewels.”

Praise for Nancy Dillingham

Dillingham, independent of universities and New York publishing circles, has developed a mastery of her craft as well as a distinctive style. The wondrous, grim, and familial in her mountain experience come to light in compact lines that are both facets of and links in her narratives. What we get is poetic . . . and accessible.

                       Rob Neufeld, book reviewer for Sunday Asheville Citizen-Times

Death and life and a blissful, clever wordcrafting highlight this exquisite book of poetry. Nancy Dillingham sees the world through a lens that is bright and dark and relentless, putting Mary Oliver on notice. There is power here, and ragged glory. Get this. Read it. If you spring from these southern Appalachian highlands, you already are living it.

                        Byron Ballard, folklorist, author, “Asfidity and Mad-Stones”


Samples of the work:

Late Autumn: A Valediction

The bungalow next door
lit by maple trees
housed a family of four
seemed serene

before the morning
head shorn and forlorn
the wife immolated herself
with an acetylene torch

became a flame
red as the lone leaf
that settled itself against
the scorched front porch
Homecoming: In Memoriam

After that September mourning
even the fog
seemed a silvery gift

wrapping itself
around gaunt trees
whose fallen leaves

like ashes
from twin towers
scattered the ground

I remember calling your name
seeing your face
feeling your embrace
knowing still nothing ever after

will be the same


About the Author

Nancy Dillingham is a sixth-generation Dillingham from Big Ivy in western North Carolina. She is the author of nine books of poetry and short fiction and co-editor, with Celia Miles, of four anthologies of WNC women writers. Her volume of poems Home was nominated for a SIBA. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

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