A Mustard Seed by Evelyn C. McLean, 100 pages perfect bound, ISBN: 1-931575-15-0, $7.95 plus $2.00 P&H.  Out of the depths of her heritage, Evelyn McLean vividly portrays how faith, the size of a mustard seed, was instilled in her and blossomed to sustain her through a battle with cancer. In the face of life’s uncertainties and seemingly overwhelming challenges, A Mustard Seed is a source of inspiration and reassuring hope.To order send check or money order to: Evelyn McLean, 6952 Wickersham Rd., Fayetteville, NC 28314. E-mail e1946 at aol.com



A Mustard Seed

What’s Being Said About This Work

Out of the depths of her heritage, Evelyn McLean vividly portrays how faith, the size of a mustard seed, was instilled in her and blossomed to sustain her through a battle with cancer. In the face of life’s uncertainties and seemingly over- whelming challenges, A Mustard Seed is a source of inspiration and reassuring hope.

Janifer S. Campbell
Director of Christian Education
Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist Church
Fayetteville, North Carolina
General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc.,
Congress of Christian Education
I have witnessed the Lord work with Evelyn as she matured in the faith. God anointed this writing project and I know it will be a blessing for many.
Lorine Cole McLeod
President Emeritus 
United Order of Tents Southern District #1
Carolina Comfort
Excerpt From Book

      I had moments of uncertainty and fear. Not only was my life threatened, but also one of the basic parts of my female anatomy was in jeopardy. Some scoffed at my concern, “Why you’re more than a breast. What’s important is that you survived.” Usually their bodies were still in tact. I hovered on a precipice of despair. After all, “I had the big “C.” Didn’t I deserve a pity party?”
      A few days after the surgery, during the family evening meal, Harold noticed the limited use of my right arm.
      “I wouldn’t do that If I were you. You’re going to make things worse by favoring that arm like that. It may be painful, but you need to use it as much as you can,” he said.
      I was not surprised by his observation. As a matter of fact, I expected it. He had the uncanny perception of a lioness. He notices things immediately. However, justified or not, I was infuriated. This was my pain, my cancer, and my arm! How dare he be so insensitive and unsympathetic! With a glare in his direction, I ignored his comments and continued to favor my right arm. I used my left for any reaching or minor lifting. When the pain subsided, then I’d start to use my right arm. However, as I look back with the twenty-twenty vision of hindsight, this was one of those valley moments Satan used to his advantage. Once I recognized and accepted that, I was able to let God help me through it. It’s miraculous what God can do once we let go and let Him, thus I clung to the words of Roman 14:7-8:

 “Whatever happens, I’m the Lord’s.”

About the Author
     Evelyn Carter McLean is the fourth of eleven children born to poor sharecroppers in rural Sampson County, North Carolina, during the late 1940's. Evelyn learned the importance of faith, courage and a strong work ethic from her parents and others in the small Mount Pleasant farming community. 
     Confessing Christ as a young child, she joined the Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church and fellowshipped there until she wed Harold E. McLean on July 29, 1967. Her faith in Christ engaged her to develop a strong compassion for her fellow man. Evelyn loved to tell stories to her brothers and sisters as a child and eventually began to write about her childhood adventures. Suffering the loss of her beloved mother in the fall of 1992 intensified Evelyn’s desire to share with others her childhood experiences. “The Blue Dress,” a short story playfully depicting sibling rivalry, was published in the fall of 1999, which became her first literary success. 
     Evelyn faced the great challenge of balancing career, family and personal pursuits.  She received recognition as an excellent employee, obtained academic fulfillment, by earning a college degree, and received accolades as an officer of the Woman’s Baptist Home and Foreign Mission Convention of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina Inc. Yet, she found no endeavor more fulfilling than being a successful wife, and mother. Evelyn thought it only appropriate to sacrifice her personal comfort to ensure that the couple’s three children, Leslie, Cornelia, and Harold were properly reared and supervised. 
      After successfully rearing her family and becoming the doting grandmother of James, Brandon, Anthony, (deceased), and DeNisha, Evelyn began to pursue her personal interests and became more involved in community and church organizations, including serving as President of the Senior Missionary Department at Lewis Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She enjoys traveling across the state and nation to increase awareness and to encourage others working in the mission field.  With the strong support of the Church’s Missionary Department, Evelyn has been instrumental in spearheading the annual preparation of hygiene, food and education kits for migrant farm workers in the southeastern part of the state. During her tenure as president, she has led the department in creating resurces for children whose mothers are confined to North Carolina Women’s Central Prison. Evelyn works tirelessly and is committed to serving God through helping her fellowman.
     During the Fall of 1997, she was diagnosed with second stage breast cancer. Together, she and her husband faced the uncertainty of the diagnosis with faith and prayer. The difficulty of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation attempted to test her faith–A faith inherited from her parents, a faith cultivated by an enduring marriage, a faith secured with the Blood of Jesus Christ. 
 “By His stripes we are healed,” Evelyn knew the benefits provided her in the scripture were real. Her healing would come. God was inclined to perform the healing; October 2001 marked Evelyn’s fourth year “cancer free.” 
     There is a Balm in Gilead. There is healing power in the hem of His garment. If we have faith as a mustard seed, we can say unto this mountain, move, and it shall be done.
     A Mustard Seed is a testimony of God’s miraculous healing power and never ending mercy.

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