My War and Peace by Authur Dudley Maxwell 20 pg saddle-stapled, $5.00 + $1.00 P&H has a simple message for its readers: “Listen to the wonderful body you were given to enjoy. Do not abuse it, and it will give you many years of pleasure.” To order send check or money order to: Authur Dudley Maxwell, 2410 Horseshoe Rd., Autryville, NC 28318


About the Book
About the Author

About the book

Dudley Maxwell has a simple message for his readers: “Listen to the wonderful body you were given to enjoy. Do not abuse it, and it will give you many years of pleasure.” These words of wisdom provide the basis for Mr. Maxwell’s brief but poignant account of his long and productive life, from West Point graduate, to military trainer, successful real-estate professional, farmer, husband, and father.
      Dudley Maxwell’s My War and Peace has health as its central theme–he learned his lessons through grueling personal experiences in the military, and then by witnessing the effects of health-neglect by those around him, including those closest to him. As a result, he has provided his readers with his personal, hard-earned advice about staying healthy. As stated in the Prologue, Mr. Maxwell’s purpose in writing this book is to “help others avoid the same problems” he had and to help them “have a happier, healthier life.” We will all benefit from taking this wise man’s message to heart.

About the Author
As I approach my eighty-eighth birthday, events and conditions that evolved during my lifetime make it imperative for me to review them in the hope that I can help others avoid the same problems and have a happier, healthier life. I wish to call this “My War and Peace” and to say, at the outset, if this account were written only to set the record straight about my retirement from the military, I would forget it because most or all of the participants are dead.
      No, I have seen the horror and frustration of the way people live, eat, get sick, and die when not listening to their bodies. Making sensible choices, they could live longer, healthier lives. We are given a wonderful body to enjoy, but what we do to it–not listen to it, the HELL we put it through–has forced me over sixty years to seek a better way. As of this date, at almost eighty-eight years of age, I feel that I have something to present to mankind so that he too can have a healthier, happier life, thus “My War and Peace.”

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