Negotiating PhysicsAnd Other Poems From A Peaceable Kindom by David T. Manning (32 pg. saddle-stapled) ISBN 1-884778-59-3  $7.95 + $1.50 P&H.  Send Check or money order to David T. Manning, 422 Knotts Valley Lane, Morrisville, NC 27560. Published by:
Old Mountain Press
Cover illustrated by Doris L. Manning. 

© copyright 1999 David T. Manning.

David's book is a collection of poems celebrating the lives of various "critters"of the animal and plant kingdom as seen by award winning poet David T. Manning. E-mail David at dtmanning at

      Two Butterflies

Before me on the driveway 
two monarch butterflies 
side by side, rest in the shade. 
Two tiny bodies, bright sails 
high and still—like arms of ballerinas 
in the air.   Suddenly, 

in the silence 
they fly apart, one to the woods, 
one to the far garden fence, but now 
it is back    searching    searching. 
I pray for it to find the other 
in butterfly lifetime—but now, it too is gone. 

I want to believe in love 
that outlasts death for even these. 
The Willow Legend says two lovers 
once became a pair of doves and flew 
away to paradise. 
Why not two butterflies? 

"David Manning, a keen observer of nature in the manner of Archibald Rutledge, writes of willow oak leaves, ‘fingerlings afloat / in the flowing sky of summer,' and a deer that ‘paints me with his gaze.' A musician and a poet, he uses both rhythms and melodies to give depth to his message."
~ Marie Gilbert

About the Author
David Manning, a California native, lives in Cary, North Carolina and is a member of the North Carolina Poetry Society, the North Carolina Writers Conference, and   the Friday Noon Poets of Chapel Hill, with whom he has  read his work on Public Television of Chapel Hill. He has won awards from the North Carolina Poetry Society, including its Poet Laureate Award in 1996 and again in 1998.  His poetry has appeared in Pembroke Magazine, The Comstock  Review, Crucible, Wellspring, Ship of Fools, Free Lunch, and other journals. 

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