Pickaberry Pug's First Day of School

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It's Pickaberry's first day of school. She has grown big over the summer and worries that she'll be made fun of. And sure enough she, along with Tody Frog, another child in her class, is teased by Cranky Crane. As the story unfolds, Tody and Pickaberry save Cranky from drowning, both using their unique talents. The book teaches children to look for the good and not to make fun or tease others. It also encourages children to be proud of those things that make them different and who they are.

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Hog Crawl Creek flowed through a big green valley. Smack-dab in the middle of that valley sat Hog Wallow Plantation.

In a muddy pen beside the creek, at the end of a narrow winding dirt path, lived a pig named Pickaberry with her big brother, Peanut Pig, and her mama and papa. Papa Pig farmed Hog Wallow Plantation and grew Indian corn, sweet potatoes, iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, and rutabagas.

Tomorrow was Pickaberry's first day of school. She felt excited but also worried. She stood in front of the long mirror that hung on her closet door. She stepped back until she could finally see allof herself. She couldn't believe how big she had grown over the summer!

About the Author

Thomas (Tom) Hoyt Davis, III, is a native of Vienna and the oldest son of T. Hoyt and Mary Ann Davis. After graduating from high school in 1964, he attended Georgia Southwestern for two years, then transferred to the University of Georgia. He received his BA from Georgia in 1968 and his masters degree from the University of Southern California in 1978. In 1968 he entered the army as a private and in January 1992 was promoted to colonel. He spent twenty-five years assigned to the Special Forces (Green Berets) and saw combat with them in Vietnam. While assigned to this elite unit, he served on four continents in ten foreign countries. His short stories have been published in anthologies. Other books include: What Would You Like on Your Mashed Potatoes?, The Long and the Short, and The Patrol Order. He has been published in The Carolina Runner; Triathlon Today; The Saturday Extra, the magazine portion of the Fayetteville, North Carolina, newspaper; and Special Warfare, a professional military journal published by the Special Warfare Center. Additionally, he has completed his first action adventure novel tentatively entitled The R-complex.

About the Illustrator

Becky Lee is a North Carolina native with family in Missouri and Virginia. She is an award winning artist with works in numerous collections throughout the South. She is a member of several arts groups and has exhibited in group and individual shows. Her specialty is portraits; however, she finds it rewarding to show emotion through abstracts. Versatility keeps her work fresh and strong.


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