DREAM WITHIN A DREAM by C. Pleasants York 150 ISBN 978-0-9650812-2-1 perfect bound. $10.95 plus $2.00 P&H. The haunting melody of Never Land leads four girls on a journey of murder and suspense. A memory box of dreams and illusions, this coming-of-age novel is enhanced by photographs by the author and her husband and by poems that reflect the slow-drawl life of the small towns of the South during the 1950's. To order send check or money order to C. Pleasants York 315 North Steele Street, Sanford, North Carolina 27330. Email the Author..


About the Book
About the Author

About the Book

Like the tendrils of wisteria that wrap around the split-rail fences of the South, DREAM WITHIN A DREAM is an entwining story, the tale of four girls in two generations drawn into a web of terror by the tinkling music of a doll, girls caught up in an intrigue by the haunting melody of Never Land.

Darla - arrogant, spiteful and vindictive, determined to have her way no matter what the cost to the ones who loved her Memory - lonely and lost, a wandering soul caught up in the whirlwind of events she could not control, searching for a way of life she could comprehend
Cassie - considerate, driven by the desire to make things better, but sometimes the victim of her own shyness and confusion Missy - enthusiastic and curious, on a quest to find the creative life, to be her own person, but sometimes growing up too fast  The four girls all come together in a memory box of time, drawn into the horror of the past, exploring the dream within the dream, searching for possibilities, fearing realities.

"There is a place
where dreams are born,
and time is never planned.
It's not on any chart
You must find it in your heart
Never Never Land."

Sample of the work:


Time flees like swift things -
silver creatures,
fawns, illusion-spotted,
and iridescent doves
and glimmer hares -
swift creatures of the night
across the dew-glinted meadows
illuminated only
by shades of moonlight.

The bracelet is a meadow
of silver rosebuds,
two ovals that encircle my wrist.
My arm remembers the warmth.

And at the funeral
the handles of the coffin were silver.
Silver is the color of good bye.

About the Author

C. Pleasants York is the author of two books of poetry, PLEASANTRIES and WEAVER OF DESTINY, and has been published in many Old Mountain Press anthologies.  For fourteen years, she and her husband, Guy, served as Second-Vice-President of the North Carolina Poetry Society.  York was President of the Lee County Arts Council for four years and helped set up The Artists' Loft, a gallery displaying the work of 40 regional artists and craftsmen. 

York has been an educator for 38 years, teaching all levels from Project Head Start to community college. She is presently teaching Creative Writing and English and works with the Academic Enrichment program.

In her spare time, York is a collage artist who collects antique dolls and Valentines.  She specializes in making memory boxes and Sailor's Valentines from sea shells. 

The Yorks are the parents of three children - Adam, Emily and Jonathan - who are all published poets. They have traveled to over 20 countries, taking students on tours to Europe and, most recently, to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. 

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