The Price of Innocence by David V. Snyder, ISBN 978-0-9971903-0-4 $14.95 + $3.00 P&H delivers a morality play within the framework of an action novel, asking the reader to examine the motivations for his/her actions. It is an intelligent read for those who want a little more from the action novel genre. To order send check or money order to: David V. Snyder, 12 Boddington Court, Asheville, NC 28803. Contact the author at (828) 505-7173.

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About the Book
About the Author

About the book

     Thomas’ accusation fell upon the man with all the weight and gravity Thomas could impart to it, but the man responded in slow-motion with a dreamlike look of contemplation on his face. His head turned slowly to gaze upon Stephen’s motionless body beside the bicycle. A look of understanding then spread across the killer’s face as he turned to look at Thomas. With a countenance calculating and serene, the killer sputtered, "Nobody’s innocent pal."

     Prabhu responded with a sinister laugh that conveyed his approval. "You are very shrewd, Mr. Garvey, but if you are trying to flatter me or insult me, don’t bother. You see, my friend, I have absolutely no compunction about my station in life: Even the dung beetle is a necessary creature in the grand scheme of things." The Indian’s face metamorphosed into that of a staid stone statue, and he continued in a subtle, serious voice, "So, without further pleasantries, let me tell you how things will work from here."

     He leapt forward into the air, grabbing a pipe that extended from the elevated framework that rose from the bed of the truck. Like a pole vaulter, he let his feet pendulum onto the back bumper. He heard the Doppler effect of the siren disappear in the distance as the police cruiser went straight through the intersection behind him. His mind caught a breath even though his body could not. Hand-over-hand he advanced along the pipe overhead. With his weight now over the bumper of the truck, Thomas dropped his hands onto the tailgate. He remained in this crouched position, hoping that the driver neither felt him jump aboard nor saw him in the rear view mirror. Thomas heard rattling from the bed of the truck, and he took solace in assuming that the copper pipes he saw there had concealed his parasitic arrival on the vehicle.

     "So, what brings you to this point – revenge or greed?"

     "What difference does it make?"

     Thomas straightened his head, his face now beaming as he answered, "The motivations for our actions make all the difference in the world. Sometimes, they are even more important than our actions, themselves."

     "For a man living on borrowed time, you concern yourself with lofty –" Phobos stopped in mid-sentence as the attendant placed their desserts on the table.

About the Author

Dr. David V. Snyder is a North Carolina native and self-described Renaissance man. His writing incorporates his love of science, art, literature, religion, and athletics, and it beckons the reader to introspective analysis. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Davidson College, and he obtained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery Degree from UNC – Chapel Hill.

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