The R-complex
The R-complex by Tom Davis ISBN: 1-931575-46-0, 230 pp. Introductory price of $12.95 +$2.50 P&H  (Retails $14.95).

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What happens when the pregnant wife of an ex Special Forces demolition expert is killed when members of the Atlanta car thief ring steal her car?

The R-complex is a fast-paced action adventure novel packed with organized crime, drug cartels, terrorists groups, revenge killings, brutal murders, improvised demolitions, a man who proves to be the ultimate killing machine, a female assassin, and a Special Forces A Team infiltrating Colombia, South America, to bring two villains to justice. More about this bookContact the Author.

This book was nominated for The Pushcart Prize 2005
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The R-complex by Tom Davis
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Author’s Comments
About the Book
Readers' Comments
About the Author

Author’s Comments
As in many action adventure books and movies, the readers/viewers are asked to continually suspend reality in order to believe what they are reading or seeing. Throughout this book I have taken great care to ensure that all individuals, weapon systems, explosives, and booby-traps do not exceed their technical or physical capabilities. The combat operations described in this book are as close to being tactically and technically correct as I could make them without boring the reader to sleep with too many details.  Having said all this, I must confess that the readers are asked to suspend reality, in only a very few places within the work, to believe what they are reading. 

Stay low, keep moving, and never ever quit!  De oppresso liber.

COL (Ret) Tom “The Squid” Davis

About this book

John Crown believed that his Special Forces training and missions existed now only as distant memories.  But when his pregnant wife is killed in an “accident” at the hands of cold-blooded, professional car thieves and racketeers, something else dies too: John’s new life as a husband, soon-to-be father, and successful software engineer in Atlanta, Georgia.  To track down his wife’s unknown murderers, John sets a series of ingenious–and deadly–traps for unwitting, criminal prey.  John fast becomes the underworld’s worst nightmare: a Special Forces-trained vigilante who obeys no law except the one that will bring him peace–the law of revenge.  What he doesn’t know is that some of his prey welcome the challenge, anxious and willing to play his deadly game–to win.

Readers’ Comments

Comment on this book.

I like the way the story reads, quick into the action with brisk dialogue; reminds me of some of Loren Estleman's work.  I didn't have a clue what the title, “R-complex” meant until I read the explanation. 

I really like the graphic Special Ops traps!

Started the book last night. Lots of dialogue. Details of dirty trick killings are very realistic. It reads quickly.

Not for the squeamish, but it'll keep you up to 2am turning pages!  Some of the best description of Spec. Ops prep I've ever read. Author, Tom Davis, has “been there and done that!”

I've finished the book in only 2 sittings - I thought it was great! When's the next one coming out?

One of the things I like about the book is that there’s a hook at the end of each chapter that pulls you to the next one. Recommend you don’t start it until you have the time to read it in one sitting.

Thanks for the good read, Tom. I am glad you are one of the good guys.  And while I'd have to think twice about inviting you to dinner with my family if you are ever in the area, I am thankful for the time you spent serving our country.  I never had the honor of serving, and greatly appreciate those who have.

I finished reading the book. I really enjoyed it. I got hooked and read two-thirds of it in one evening! This is my kind of read as it got right to the action.

The writing is excellent. Part I liked best was the planning and execution of the raid on the Colombian hideout.

We both have read your action-packed thriller. It certainly is a combination of Death Wish and Rambo! My wife is betting that they will be making a movie of it in the not-too-distant future.

I started reading "The R-complex" last night and could hardly put it down!  I got almost half-way finished before the basketball game came on (Hey, Carolina is playing for the National Championship)- I expect to finish it tonight.

Just finished reading THE R-COMPLEX. What a tense, exciting and fast-moving novel. The author tells the story with such a vividly descriptive style of writing. Congratulations to a master story-teller.

Finished your book.  It is outstandingly descriptive and extremely well written.  It shows your expertise in weapons, in tactics and in organization - it also shows your amazing grasp of fiction interlaced with reality.  I congratulate you on such a detailed piece of work.

I finished the R-Complex this morning. It has an amazing way of keeping your heart in the game throughout, without ever appearing to be written solely for the purpose of keeping the reader suspended....

Comment on this book.

About the Author

Thomas (Tom) Hoyt Davis, III (AKA The Squid), holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Georgia and a master’s degree from the University of Southern California.  Tom entered the Army as a private and retired as a full colonel. He spent 20 of his 30+ years in the Army serving with Special Forces (Green Berets) on four continents and in ten foreign countries. He has worn a Green Beret at every rank from 2LT to Colonel and commanded at every level from A Teams to a Joint Special Operations Task Force. The various A Teams he commanded specialized in Mountaineering, Underwater Operations, High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) parachute techniques, and Small Atomic Demolitions Munitions (SADM). In addition to the Army’s Command and General Staff College and Army War College, he has attended Airborne, Ranger, Special Forces, Underwater Operations (UWO), Danish Combat Swimmer, Special Forces Surface Swimmer Infiltration Technique Course, High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) parachute school, Small Atomic Demolitions Munitions (SADM) and many others.

His short stories, articles, and poetry have been published in Poets Forum, The Carolina Runner, Triathlon Today, ByLine, Georgia Athlete, The Saturday Extra (magazine section of the Fayetteville Observer), A Loving Voice Vol. I and II (anthologies  of read aloud stories), and Special Warfare (a professional military journal published by the Special Warfare Center). Many of his short stories have received honors in writing contests sponsored by ByLine magazine. Other books by Tom include The Life and Times of Rip Jackson and The Patrol Order.


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