Revelation Of The Eagle: Thy Will Be Done by Trudy Lee Wright, ISBN 0-9778257-0-1, 132 pg perfect bound $10.95 + $4.00 P&H.  This book uncovers the dramatic reality of ceremony and gestures that binds everyone good or evil.  Spiritually blinded with the essence of goodness, yet sucked in the cesspool of fate tucked away deep within offices, businesses and distribution centers.  You don't know. . . because, they don't want you to know. To order your copy, send check or money order to:
Trudy Wright
P.O. Box 70851
Fort Bragg, NC 28307
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About the Book
About the Author

Revlations fo the Egal

About the book

  Deborah is a quiet and serene person.  Follow the evils surrounding her beautiful soul like gushing turbines of no return.  She struggles to stay afloat as the storms grow larger and more victious than she ever suspected sucking every ounce of fresh air.  Behold her faith in God and the Prayer Warrior.

About the Author
Trudy Lee Wright was born and raised in Clarksville, Tennessee and graduated from Clarksville High School.  Join her as she uncovers Deborah's memoirs.  Follow the momentous events as they unfold with tumultuous evils, sexual, immoralities, wickedness, corruption, hostilities, and selfish ambitions, tucked away deep within the confines of some distant and local businesses.  Understand how the controversial standards and repercussions were set and administered and how the higher echelon of management and local natives assisted and subjugated personnel from different regions of the United States.  Deborah's life was in danger as she maneuvered through the seeds of destructions and communicated with diplomacy.  However, through her faith in God and the prayer Warriors at her side, they told Satan, "Get the behind, Because Victory today is Mine!" 

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