To Everything a Season by Lucy F. McCarl, 44 pg., saddle-stapled, ISBN 1-931575-09-6. This work is a celebration of beauty in nature and life. To order send check or money order for $7.95 plus $1.50 P&H to Lucy F. McCarl, 209 Bernhardt Ct. SW,  Lenoir, NC  28645. E-mail lfmccarl at



To Everything A Season

Sample from Book

Andante and Coda

How quietly green summer changes now 
To faded gold and brown. This time of year 
Birds have travel plans. In trees I hear 
Sharp chattering. Such joy should disallow 
The chill that presses on the door. Bright bough 
Bends heavy with fruit and promises. Good cheer 
To all who tremulously turn to wipe a tear 
For songs unsung and old flames burning low. 
Red-gold fingers reaching toward the blue 
Of autumn skies write large of new delights. 
Take heart, and by the wayside, wistful ones, 
Find apples in the grass, and scarlet hue 
Of berries blowing, and fire on frosty nights 
In jack-o-lanterns, before the winter comes. 

The poems (or earlier versions of them) in this book appeared in the following publications: “Night Rain”, “Class Reunion” and “Flute Concerto”, Branches, Volume 4 (Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute); “Woods Walk” and “To Anne, At Hever Castle”, Branches, Volume 5; “If I Dare”, “Retired Domestic Worker Dead at Ninety-Three” and “In Time of Rain”, Branches, Volume 6; “The Novelist” and “Light In the Shadows”, Branches, Volume 7; “Apricots” and “Crossing the River”, Branches, Volume 8; “To Meet Your Eyes” and “The Spring I Love”, Tides, Volume 3 (Women’s Resource Center, University of Richmond); “Bibury” (under the title “An English Garden”), Award-Winning Poems, 1997 (North Carolina Poetry Society); “The Turning of the Year”, Award-Winning Poems, 2000  (North Carolina Poetry Society). 

About the Author
Lucy McCarl began her artistic life as a piano major, with an interest in poetry writing on the side.  Now she emphasizes poetry while still enjoying music.  Other loves flowing into her work are history, travel, nature, family, and her church.  She has received poetry awards from the Charlotte Writers' Club, the Poetry Council of North Carolina, the Robert Ruark Foundation, the Caldwell Literary Competition, and the North Carolina Poetry Society.  She lives in Lenoir, North Carolina with her husband, Jim; they have two children and three grandchildren. 

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