Take A Chance by Mark R. Melrose, 160 pg perfect bound, ISBN:   0-9720199-5-2 $7.95 + $2.00 P&H.  Published by Youth Publishing in conjunction with Old Mountain Press. Fast paced story-telling for the young reader who is searching for a story that not only is fun to read, but just might tug at your heart along the way.  It is a novel of adventure, summer camp, and the struggle for boys to become men. To order send check or money order to Mark R. Melrose, 287 Tilley Creek Road, Cullowhee, North Carolina 28723 Contact the author by E-mail; melrose@mountainverdict.com or visit his web site: www.youthpublishing.com

Take A Chance by Mark R. Melrose

About the Book

     Sam steps off the hot school bus into a summer world of adventure at Camp Hampton.  Within moments of his arrival, Sam meets people that will change the course of his life.  At thirteen, this is his first experience away from home.  Within days, Sam is swept into a fast-paced summer of terrifying challenges and hilarious practical jokes.   He soon makes a startling discovery that he must keep secret from everyone but his closest friend.  As the summer races along the ten boys of Cabin # 14 learn something about becoming young men through their counselor who is the most remarkable man they will ever meet.  Eventually, Sam and his new friends find themselves in a gripping struggle for their lives.  In the midst of this unforgettable summer, Sam searches for the meaning of life, and an understanding of death. 


      Sam had a powerful yearning to scream and cry at the same time.  Another powerful force pulling at what small part of his brain was not consumed by panic was that he was a 13 year old boy surrounded by a nine of his friends.  Thirteen year old boys didnít scream in fear, and they didnít cry in public.   What did he fear most?  The high probability of death he now faced, or the guarantee of never ending embarrassment if he cried?   Fortunately, Chance quickly appreciated the rapidly deteriorating situation.  He pulled Sam safely back onto the small wooden platform.
      Chanceís massive hand rested heavily on Samís shoulder, but Sam couldnít even feel it.  He wondered if his shaking could be seen be the boys fifty feet below.  Chance told him to have a seat on the platform.  Sam wasnít sure whether he sat down voluntarily or whether his legs just gave out beneath him.  Chance quickly sat down next to him so that all the boys below could see was this enormous counselor, and dark haired boy sitting on a platform fifty feet up in the trees with their feet poking out into the air. 

About the Author

      Mark Melrose is a practicing trial lawyer living in the small town of Sylva, North Carolina near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  He has been married to his wife Dawn for sixteen years, and they have three children; Adam, Emily, and Allison.  Take a Chance is Markís first novel.  Inspired by his own experiences attending summer camps in Western North Carolina, this book was his attempt to capture the excitement and wonder of those long summer days spent away from home.   It is Markís hope that young readers will recognize, just as his character Sam did, that there is a deeper meaning to life. 

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