Transformation: From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly by Brenda A. Burton 90 pg perfect bound, ISBN: 0-9759420-1-X $12.99 + $5.00 P&H If you want to be delivered from homosexuality: then you need to read this book on how God delivered the author from homosexuality. It tells everything and how the devil fooled the author to thinking that, "I was a man trapped inside of a woman's body." Which was a lie from Hell. To order make Check/Money Order Payable To:
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Greensboro, NC 27405 E-mail the author call (336) 392-8515
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About the Book
About the Author

Transformation: From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly by Brenda A. Burton

About the book

If you are seeking deliverance for yourself, a friend or a loved one then, keep turning the pages.  In this book Minister Brenda Burton shares her life-changing testimony and victory of overcoming a homosexual lifestyle. Her boldness to take a stand and walk in her deliverance for years has helped those who feared the reality of publicly announcing their deliverance. She has been an example for many men and women who desired to live a lifestyle that is pleasing in the sight of God. I have had the privilege to witness God’s transforming power in her life, and to see her become the woman that God intended is a joy. The enemy seeks to bind us permanently but I am confident that after reading this book you will gain a complete understanding of how we can take a struggle and turn it into triumph. 

~ Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.

About the Author

Brenda A. Burton is from the Cajun state Louisiana. She lived all of her life in Louisiana until God called her to North Carolina. She is the mother of one lovely daughter named Miranda who is currently attending college. When she was 12 years old, God told her that she would do something to impact the world. She knew that she would not become the President of the United States, but that she would write a book or something. She has a Bachelor of Social Work degree, and over 10 years of experience working with people with disabilities.

She was called into ministry in 1994 and preached her first sermon in May 1996. She received her official license in October 1996 and received a plaque for “New Minister of  the Year.” Also, in 1996 she was named “Woman of the Year” for “Free Indeed.” In 1999 she received two awards, “Minister of the Year’ and “Special Recognition for Mission Work’. She has been on numerous radio and television shows telling her testimony. 

Proverbs 11:30 b states “He that winneth souls is wise. Her number one goal in life is to win a lot of souls to Christ. To win the lost at any cost is what she is willing to do. She admonishes saints not to clean the fish before they catch them. She tells this short story: 

One day I was out witnessing in the projects with the Evangelism Ministry. This guy came up and everyone thought that he was a girl, but I knew he was a man. Anyway, I talked to him and invited him to church. He said that he couldn’t come that day, but he would come one day. Well, one day I ran into him again. He was at my apartment complex visiting a friend. I asked him to come and go with me to church. He said, “Yes, I will go with you.” Mind you, he had on a halter top and some shorts that were short and some heels that were very tall. I did not ask him to change clothes. I began to pray for the people at church. It was deliverance service night. I prayed that they would not look at him, but pray for him. 

When we got to the church, they were selling t-shirts. I bought my daughter and myself one. I looked at him, and I asked him if he wanted one. He said yes. Now when he put the shirt on, it looked as if he had on a dress. I could tell that he was really uncomfortable in church, so I leaned over and asked him if he wanted me to try and find him some pants. He said, “Yes, please.” I called Tony and he brought a pair of his pants to church. The guy put the pants on, and that is how the Lord changed his attire in the church. We dressed him in the church. I didn’t try to clean him before he was caught. He got saved that night when Bishop Morton made the altar call. Glory be to God!

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