Transitions by Brenda Loy Wilson, 44 pages $12.00 (includes P&H). The poems in Transition take us on a journey from the blonde ringlets of youth to sudden losses, acceptance of things that can't be changed to patriotism.  This book carries an unwavering theme of life-affirmation and love through generations.
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Brenda Wilson
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About the Book
About the Author

About the book

From the tender scene in “Little Miss Sunbeam” to the scourge of depression in “Invisible Ills” Brenda Wilson’s Transitions treats us to a movie of family life with rich detail and in cleanly-controlled lines.  The family circle extends to friends in the delightful “Spinster Lady on Route 2” where red clouds of dust warn Addie of approaching visitors come to collect the fruit of her “banty hens.”  Through times of joy and sorrow Wilson’s unwavering theme is one of life-affirmation and love that warms and binds us together in this charming collection. 
David Treadway Manning, Author of The Flower Sermon

“Love is in these pages, and great tenderness, gentle subjects dealt with gently, hard subjects with unflinching grace.”

Joanna Catherine Scott, author of An Innocent in the House of the Dead
Sample of the work:
Spinster Lady on Route 2

On Saturday red clouds floated 
through the air as folks collected
a week’s baking and fresh eggs
her banty hens laid.


Forty years later your obituary
hung on the page.  Glaring at the words,
I could not believe that my first love was gone.
I penciled the date on my calendar.

Leaning to Night

...a painter’s palette canopies the sky,
shades of orange and rose.
Your head bobs on my shoulder.
We close the day,
smooth as warm custard.


United Flight 93, headed to the White House,
was diverted by brave passengers who knew
they wouldn’t make it home but hoped
to save innocent people on the ground.

About the Author

Brenda Loy Wilson was born into a creative family of musicians, painters and poets.  Her love of the written word began in fourth grade when she won a prize for reading the most books. She pursues ‘the art of expression’ on a regular basis. A native North Carolinian, she is a member of the Burlington Writers Club and Friday Noon Poets of Chapel Hill. 

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