To All a Good Night: A Poetry and Prose Anthology

Nominated for a Pushcart Prize

Old Mountain Press  has publish a collection of poetry by a number of poets with the theme to go with the cover (to your right):  Anything  relating to the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Valentine's Day or weather/fall/autumn or winter.  

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Cover Photo: Dave Russell/The Sylva Herald, Sylva, NC

About the book

Anything relating to the holidays:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Valentine's Day or fall/autumn or winter.

Sample of the work


A Time of Wonder

     Beverly Ohler


Xmas in New York

was all the song implied.

The bells began to jingle,

the lights sparkled


as smiles began to grow

on faces

that were glum before.


For children it was magic land

through every store window,

where fairies flew

and elves gave promises.

"Did Santa really know

you had grown since last year?"

"Would he really bring you

a puppy dog?"


Hope was alive in hearts

that had been saddened,

where only darkness ruled,

where joy had dimmed—

suddenly it arrived as a song

familiar from the year before

and it was a wonder

as is the word


BEV OHER, living near, grew up feeling NYC was her HOME. She came to NC with her husband to work at Warrren Wilson College and stayed through their careers in education. Bev, an artist, designer and writer, whose talents reached campus wide, was part of the Theater Department. Black Mountain is now her home.

Donovan Fraley’s Nightwatch

Barbara Tate Sayre


$78 LIVES IN HIS LEFT boot. He lost his taste for arena dirt and hung up his spurs, his body aches and the gold buckle, bought at a pawn shop 12 years ago, digs into his belly. He’s ridden his last bronc. He pulls his Stetson lower over his forehead and tightens his jacket collar against the bitter South Dakota wind. Limping down the alley to an abandoned car off Curtis St., he jackknifes into the backseat propping his feet against the window and curls up with a bottle of what was cheap. He’s tired of being cold, tired of shivering, unable to feel his toes or swollen fingers. Snow swirls and he wonders how long his old boots will last. Tomorrow will take care of itself. First he must make it through the night.

     After seven years he’s going home. Home for Christmas. The way I got it figured, Mama should be about 80. Can hardly wait to see the look on her face when she sees her baby boy walk in the door. Tomorrow he’ll stuff his backpack in the belly of a Greyhound, leave Rapid City in a cloud of blowing snow and head for where the devil spirals dust and tumbleweeds race the wind. West Texas here I come he says to no one.

      Snow hammers the car, claws at windows, creeps through cracks. Drowsy, needing sleep, feeling bones melt, he drifts off. Tomorrow he’ll buy a ticket to Amarillo, then to Ft. Stockton. Donovan Fraley’s going home. Soon it’ll be Christmas and he has plans. After the holidays he’ll find his old buddy Virgil, get a truck, trailer, a couple of horses and hit the road. Show what old cowboys are made of. Yessir, that’s what we’ll do. We’ll make a comeback after we figure out where we’ve been.

BARBARA TATE SAYRE, an award winning artist and writer, is a long time contributor to the Old Mountain Press Anthology Series. She’s a member of the British Haiku Society, the Haiku Society of America, the Tanka Society of America and the Australian Haiku Society. Barbara’s last 2 books Far More Than I Ever Was and Darkness In a Noonday Night were published in 2021. She currently resides in Winchester, TN.

About the Authors 



JoAnna Powers Arnold is the Language and Literacy Coordinator at charter school in Southwest Georgia As a regular contributor to Old Mountain Press Anthologies, JoAnna provides stories of family, faith, and travels. She lives in Americus, Georgia, with her husband Bob.

Kelly White Arnold is a mom, writer, high school English teacher, and lover of yoga. When she’s not scribbling in notebooks or wrangling teenagers, she’s planning her next tattoo and daydreaming about traveling the world. She calls Graham, NC, home.


Sam Barbee has a new collection, Apertures of Voluptuous Force (2022, Redhawk Publishing). He has three previous poetry collections, including That Rain We Needed (2016, Press 53), a nominee for the Roanoke-Chowan Award as one of North Carolina’s best poetry collections of 2016. A two-time Pushcart nominee, his poems recently appeared in Salvation South, Verse Virtual, Ekphrastic Review, Grand Little Things; and on-line journals Dead Mule School of Literature, American Diversity Report, and Medusa’s Kitchen.

Jenny Bates, has five poetry books, published in numerous NC and international journals. Presented at the 2023 Ecopoetics and Environmental Aesthetics Conference, London. Book of poems, ESSENTIAL, Redhawk Publications, coming 2023.

S.G. (Sandy) Benson has been writing articles and feature stories since 1971. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers nationwide. She published her first book, My Mother’s Keeper: One Family’s Journey Through Dementia in 2021, and is working on two more. This is her fifth OMP anthology contribution. She writes from her home in Warne, NC, where she lives with her husband, Barry, and two bossy dachshunds.

Kerri Habben Bosman is a writer in Chapel Hill, NC. She is a graduate of Peace College and North Carolina State University. Her poems, essays, and articles regularly appear in publications throughout the United States and Canada. She is currently compiling two decades of her work into a book.

Ina Claire "Sam" Bryant, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of South Carolina, holds a MA from Francis Marion University. Her poem collection is entitled The Fruit of Years. Ina was privileged as a public school teacher to teach African-American high schools during segregation in NC and SC. Originally from Darlington SC, currently she lives in Sylva NC.

Toby Bunton was born in North Carolina. His poetry appeared in Winston Salem Writers’ POETRY IN PLAIN SIGHT PROGRAM in 2016, and the Summer and Fall 2023 anthologies for Old Mountain Press. His poem, "Mowing Mayberry", appeared as a finalist in 2023 for Winston Salem Writers-Flying South’s 10th Anniversary Anthology. Toby is a graduate of UNCG with a degree in English and lives with his family in Mt. Airy, NC.


Annie Chambers was born into a poor family, but was given a chance by a blind neighbor lady. Annie was an average student until she found that she could express through writing. She moved up the business ladder from stock girl to marketing vice-president as her skills were discovered.

Steve Cushman is a dog walker and Boy Scout wrangler from Greensboro. He’s published both fiction and poetry over the last twenty-five years with a new poetry collection, The Last Time, due out any day now.


Tom Davis’ publishing credits include Poets Forum, The Carolina Runner, Triathlon Today, Georgia Athlete, The Fayetteville Observer’s Saturday Extra, A Loving Voice Vol. I and II, Special Warfare., and Winston-Salem Writers’ POETRY IN PLAIN SIGHT program for 2013 and 2021. He has authored several books. Tom, a retired Special Forces soldier, has written and published his memoir, The Most Fun I Ever Had With My Clothes On: A March From Private to Colonel.

Suzanne Delaney is a Retired RN. Born in Australia, she lived in the Hawaiian Islands for 40 yrs and now lives in NC. A regular contributor to OMP, her poems are included in A Bridge to ALL Nations. Poems of Nature, Enchantment and Mystery. by Carol Mays and Suzanne Delaney. PS: It’s Poetry. and PS: It’s Still Poetry." —An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry from Around the World Paperback all are available on 

Nancy Dillingham is associate poetry editor of the online journal Speckled Trout Review and coeditor of four anthologies of western North Carolina Women writers. Her latest publication is A Wild Shining, and her forthcoming work is the chapbook Evanescence of Spring. She lives in Asheville, NC.

David Dixon is a physician, poet, and musician who lives and practices in the foothills of North Carolina. His work has appeared in Rock & Sling, The Northern Virginia Review, Connecticut River Review, FlyingSouth, The Greensboro Review, The Atlanta Review, and elsewhere. He is the author of The Scattering of Saints (Hermit Feathers Press, 2022).


Kathy Ellis has two collections of poetry available on Amazon. Kathy is excited about her third book publication, which is an illustrated poem novella on justice, healing, and feminism. Marvela and the Broken Waters will be on the shelves by the end of year. Kathy is a language coach for second language speakers and an intercultural communication trainer in the corporate world. Kathy resides in Sandy Springs, GA.


Dena M. Ferrari is a regular contributor to OMP, Dena’s poetry are featured in Westchester Community College of NY Phoenix (1975), Writers Alliance Poets World-Wide anthologies has many of her published works. Dena’s own books, Poems From the Hearth (2010) Come Closer My Dearies (2013), Charmed Times Three (2015), and her newest book Wyld Earth Magick (2018) shows diversified writing styles, leaving a Living Legacy for her grandchildren. She and her husband, Peter live in Vass, NC.

Peggy Dugan French is a California girl with Minnesota roots. She has been the editor of the small print zine Shemom since 1997. Her work has appeared in Lilliput, bear creek haiku, Shemom and Whispers. She has worn many hats over the years, but raising her children has been one of her greatest pleasures. Peggy lives in Cardiff, CA, with her husband, cat and wild garden and blogs at 

Joanne Kennedy Frazer is a retired peace and justice director and educator for faith-based organizations at state, diocesan and national levels. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies, journals and e-zines, including several Old Mountain Press’ anthologies, Poetic Portions Anthology, Soul-lit Journal of Spiritual Poetry, Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine, Panoply Literary Zine, Snapdragon Journal, Whirlwind Magazine, Spank the Carp, Kakalak, Remington Review, Red Clay Review, Topical Poetry and New Verse News. Her second chapbook Seasonings (Kelsay Books) has recently been published. Home is Durham, NC


Bob Garrett is a former contributor to The OMP Anthology Series published by Old Mountain Press. He lives in Sylvester, GA.

Michael Gaspeny, who lives in Greensboro, NC, recently published Flight Manual: New and Selected Poems and the prose novel, A Postcard from the Delta. He has also published a novella in verse, The Tyranny of Questions, and two chapbooks. He won the Randall Jarrell Poetry Competition and the O. Henry Festival Short Fiction Contest. For hospice service, he received the North Carolina Governor’s Award for Volunteer Excellence.

James Gibson (Northville, Michigan), private pilot, scuba diver, and auto industry retiree , has another auto industry-theme manuscript, To Live or Die in Panama in progress. His first five novels featured Native American culture in the "Anasazi Quest" series. His eighth novel, To Live or Die in Taiwan was published in 2018. Anasazi Princess and Anasazi Journey are now available as E-Books on

Marian Gowan is a regular contributor to Old Mountain Press anthologies. During her sixteen years living in western NC, her work appeared in several southern publications. She returned to western NY in 2017 to be near family.

Farley Granger thinks more than he writes, and he writes more than he sees other people. He grew up in a depressed country town and understands the struggles of poor, heartland folks. But he has a lot of hope. Farley lives in La Grange, NC.


Karen Hammond, grandmother of 7, recently learned that family stories not written down disappear by the 3rd generation. She is on a quest to write down many family stories to keep them from falling into oblivion. So many stories, so little time! She lives in Falls Church, Virginia with her husband David.

Diane Hanley has written her whole life, taught writing as a teacher, journals daily, and now meets most weeks with other writers to share our stories and poems. Diane lives and enjoys retirement in Fort Myers, FL.

Gloria Harrington has been a member of both the Georgia Poetry Association and John’s Creek Poetry Group for over ten years. Her poems have been published seven times in the yearly anthology: Reach of Song. Also, she placed 3rd in a national poetry contest several years ago. She lives in Tucker, Georgia, and is a retired teacher.


Jill Jennings’ work has appeared in Atlanta Review; Oberon; Calamari; Reach of Song; Encore; and Please See Me journals. Her 3 full-length books include The Poetry Alarm Clock; Dead Man’s Flower; and Pineapple Wine: Poems of Maui. She has received numerous prizes and awards including the U.S Congressional Commendation. A GA native, she now lives in Fort Myers, FL.


K. D. Kennedy, Jr. lives in Raleigh, NC. He has published Eight Books (8) books of poetry, short stories, and essays: Our Place On Time, Waiting Out In The Yard, For Rhyme Or Reason, Progenitors: A Kennedy Genealogy, The Works Of K. D. Kennedy, Jr., Poems Worth Remembering, Family...Forever’s Lovesong, and Truth Instead. He has also published works in over forty anthologies and periodicals. His works have been published in all 51 Old Mountain Press Anthologies.


Patsy Kennedy Lain continues to reside in Hubert, NC, with published works in 37 past Old Mountain Press Anthologies and others including magazines and a local newspaper. She has published two poetry collections, BACKROADS and FLASHBACKS, one short story collection, SMORGASBORD, and recently completed a fifth of her children’s book series. Patsy has received multiple awards and honors for her writings and paintings over the years, and continues to write, paint and publish her works.

Brenda Kay Ledford lives in Hayesville, NC. She’s a retired educator and award-winning author. Her work has appeared in all of the Old Mountain Press anthologies. She blogs at:

K. A. Lewis writes poetry, flash memoir, fantasy and SF. Since 2014, her work has been published in 28 anthologies, most recently After the Storm: A Poetry and Prose Anthology, NoVA Bards 2022, Gathering: A Poetry Anthology, Bards Against Hunger: 10th Anniversary Edition, and the upcoming NoVA Bards 2023. Katy and her husband live with four demanding cats in a small book-stuffed house in Falls Church, VA. Learn more at:


Preston Martin has published poems in numerous journals and anthologies. He facilitates classes in poetry and literature at Duke Continuing Education. He lives in Chapel Hill, NC.

Celia Miles is retired, lives and writes in Asheville—and is not a poet. Her novels are mostly available on line, on Kindle, from the author. Visit her web site at 

Mona Miracle, born in Kentucky, was thrust onto Florida beaches at seven, but settled into her mountain forever-home in Asheville in 1989. She was a featured presenter at South Florida Poetry Society, and a four-category winner in Florida Freelance Writers Annual Competition. She earned degrees at Univ. of Florida and Nova Univ. Among her books at Amazon is the novel Wesley’s Gift, set in Asheville, Charlotte, and Tokyo, Japan.


Bev Oher, living near, grew up feeling NYC was her HOME. She came to NC with her husband to work at Warrren Wilson College and stayed through their careers in education. Bev, an artist, designer and writer, whose talents reached campus wide, was part of the Theater Department. Black Mountain is now her home.

Karen O’Leary is a writer and editor from West Fargo, ND. She has published poetry, short stories, and articles in a variety of venues including, Hedgerow, Haikuniverse, Frogpond, Setu, Fine Lines, Atlas Poetica and Quill & Parchment. She has been published in several Old Mountain Press anthologies. Karen edited an international online journal called Whispers. for 5 ½ years. She enjoys sharing the gift of words.

Martha O’Quinn has been a contributor to OMP for twenty-six years. Her poetry and prose (non-fiction) reflects her southern heritage. Her work is from actual facts remembered from her life. A lifelong reader, and her years as a docent at the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site in Flat Rock, NC, spurred her to share the memories she loves. Martha lives near her daughter in Loganville GA.


David W. Plunkett lives in Young Harris, GA, and is the author of two novels Chessboard and Poisoned Pawn. His poetry and short stories have appeared in various publications, and his poem "I Will Wear Sandals With Socks" will be featured in an upcoming anthology of military themed poems from Longleaf Press.

Michael Potts authored three novels and three poetry anthologies as well as numerous poems published in magazines and anthologies. He is Professor of Philosophy at Methodist University in Fayetteville, and currently lives with his wife, Karen, and seven cats in Coats, North Carolina.


Mary Ricketson, Murphy NC, works as mental health counselor and blueberry farmer. Her published collections are I Hear the River Call My Name, Hanging Dog Creek, Shade and Shelter, Mississippi: The Story of Luke and Marian, Keeping in Place, and Lira, Poems of a Woodland Woman, Precious the Mule, and her newest: STUTTERS, A Book of Hope. She won first place in the 2011 Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest 75th anniversary national poetry contest.


Barbara Tate Sayre, an award winning artist and writer, is a long time contributor to the Old Mountain Press Anthology Series. She’s a member of the British Haiku Society, the Haiku Society of America, the Tanka Society of America and the Australian Haiku Society. Barbara’s last 2 books Far More Than I Ever Was and Darkness In a Noonday Night were published in 2021. She currently resides in Winchester, TN.

Paul Sherman lives in the Pisgah Forest on the north side of Mt. Mitchell in Yancey County. His yard is not recognized as his yard by the creatures of the forest. Once a skunk came in through the dryer vent, waltzed around the house without waking the dog, devoured a stick of butter before vanishing back through the vent without leaving an ounce of perfume.

Sarah Squillante is known more for her baking, employed six days a week on the overnight shift at a local bakery. She writes as a special request by her mother, the better-known writer, Dena Ferrari. Sarah lives in Bellview, FL and most likely has cookies in the oven right now.

Shelby Stephenson was Poet Laureate of North Carolina from 2015-2018. His current book is Country. He lives where he was born, near McGee’s Crossroads, NC.

Elaina Stone is a reading specialist with a Master’s Degree in Reading and Literacy from SUNY Geneseo and her Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Inclusive Education from SUNY Fredonia. Building Blocks Magazine has published her ideas and information for parents who have children with Autism. Her poems have appeared in Old Mountain Press, and literary magazine Shemom. She lives in Rochester, NY.

Lois Greene Stone, writer and poet, has been syndicated worldwide. Poetry and personal essays have been included in hard & softcover book anthologies. Collections of her personal items/ photos/memorabilia are in major museums including twelve different divisions of The Smithsonian. The Smithsonian selected only her photo to represent all teens from the 1950's; a large showcase in its National Museum of American History featured her photo. hand-designed clothing, and her costume sketches. ‘Girlhood’ exhibit opened 10-2020 and began touring Jan. 2023.


Rebekah Timms lives in Greenwood, SC, about fifteen miles from where she was born. In her retirement years she has published a memoir of her mother’s life, a poetry collection, and a poetry/prose collection. Rebekah enjoys writing and feels that her work is an expression of her gratitude and joy of life. She has been a regular contributor to OMP Anthologies since 2016.


Elizabeth Watson (a.k.a. Betty) has honed her writing skills ever since college with numerous stories published in Old Mountain Press Anthologies and other anthologies. It takes tight editing to compose a story on one page. The Watsons, Massachusetts natives, thrive in Greenville, in a retirement community next door to Furman University. They enjoy boasting about their four successful daughters, six ambitious grandchildren and two delightful greats plus one due in January.

George Whelan defines himself as a full time dreamer and part time wanderer. He lives in Southwest Florida. He is the author of three self published books; In Search of a Spanish Kiss a novel, Tales of a Boy’s Heart a collection of poems and short stories, Sons of the Emerald Isle, a novel. All available at Amazon books. You can contact the author at:

William Wehunt, a lifelong poet, has written for many venues from newspapers to business, an editor and copy writer, while subsisting as a tradesman. A master of his native tongue, he loves its words. His work has been recently published in Old Mountain Press Anthologies and SHEMOM. Other works can be found under William is a Zen Buddhist currently living in Travelers Rest, SC.

Barbara Ledford Wright is a resident of Shelby, NC. Her work has appeared in several journals and anthologies, but she is most proud of being in all but one Old Mountain Press Anthology series. She writes about her family and life experiences growing up in scenic Clay County, NC.’

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