Joy to All!: A Poetry and Prose Anthology

Status: Accepting submissions!

  • Submissions accepted only via on line form (added to this page later). 
  • Submissions accepted from a former contributor or someone recommended by a former contributor.
  • Only one submission per poet/writer.
  • Poem may not exceed 38 lines (includes title author's name and a blank line prior to the poem) flash fiction should not exceed 325 words (bottom line is that the flash fiction must fit on a 5.5"x8.5" page with .5 top and bottom and .75 right and left margins)
  • NOTE: Contributors may purchase the book at a reduced rate upon publication. 
Old Mountain Press  will publish a collection of poetry by a number of poets.  Our goal is to gather enough quality poems and flash fiction for an estimated 50 to 90 page book with the theme to go with the cover (to your right):  Anything relating to the holidays:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Valentine's Day or fall/autumn or winter. Would like to have as many poets involved as possible.  Requirements are below. Authors receive publishing credit and retain all rights to their work but agree to the inclusion of their poem in this collection of poetry.
  • Author must have rights to the poem (previously published OK, but not in an OMP anthology). 
  • Poem may not exceed 38 lines (this includes title, spaces, and author's name) flash fiction may not exceed 325 words . 
  • Poetry lines that  exceed 55 letters and spaces will wrap and count as two lines.
  • Initially, only one poem/flash fiction per writer, so give it your best shot:-)
  • Sample title and first line below

Title of Poem/Flash Fiction
Author's Name

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About the book Anything relating to the holidays:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Valentine's Day or fall/autumn or winter.


At Least One Who Loves Me

     K. D. Kennedy, Jr.


At Christmas,

When I come,

There is always one who loves me.

Truly seems to,

And tries to,

And shows me true love and care.


There may be many there.

They all want the turkey, the dressing,

The wrapped present, the smile, the laugh.

A few, maybe only one,

Wears the sincere cloak of love

For me…not just "a" seem to be.


I can tell.

It’s not hard.

It’s something an acute sense nose,

Or knows…it’s not hard.

It makes me warm and wanted,

Thank goodness, it’s Christmas, Christ sake.


I hope I return it.

Love to at least one.

Maybe more, maybe all.

Wouldn’t that be THE unselfish gift!

In our imperfect world, it’s so hard.

But wouldn’t that beget a Supreme Surprise.

K. D. KENNEDY, JR. lives in Raleigh, NC. He has published Eight Books (8) books of poetry, short stories, and essays: Our Place On Time, Waiting Out In The Yard, For Rhyme Or Reason, Progenitors: A Kennedy Genealogy, The Works Of K. D. Kennedy, Jr., Poems Worth Remembering, Family...Forever’s Lovesong, and Truth Instead. He has also published works in over forty anthologies and periodicals. His works have been published in all 50 Old Mountain Press Anthologies.


Kristy’s Christmas

Brenda Kay Ledford


SNOWFLAKES TWIRELED LIKE feathers over the Blue Ridge Mountains. Christmas was coming in two days and I had a bushel of clothes to wash. I lugged my baskets into the laundry mat. A little blonde-headed girl held the door. Her blue eyes sparkled when she smiled.

     She watched me put my laundry into the washing machines and asked my name.

     "Brenda. What’s your name?"

     "Kristy, and I’m five," she said and held up her hand.

     Ornaments glittered on the tiny Christmas tree that the attendant put on a table. I hummed, "Jingle Bells."

     Kristy gazed at the tree with sad eyes. "I won’t have Christmas."

     An elderly lady limped to Kristy and hugged her. "It’s okay. Don’t cry, baby."

     I gave the woman a sympathetic look. "Are you her grandmother?"

     "Yes, she lives with me. Her parents died in a car crash. We won’t have much of a Christmas. Can’t afford it."

     When the little girl and her grandma left the laundry mat, the attendant told me they lived in a modest house on Shooting Creek. She whispered that one time they parked a car in the woods and lived in it.

     Our church filled a box with canned goods, gift cards, and wrapped presents for Kristy. We delivered the box on Christmas Eve.

     Little Kristy clapped her hands and ripped the paper off her presents. She danced across the porch with her doll and teddy bear. She had a joyful Christmas!

BRENDA KAY LEDFORD resides in Hayesville, NC. Her work has appeared in all of the Old Mountain Press anthologies. She’s received the Paul Green Multimedia Award thirteen times from NC Society of Historians for her books and blogs. Her works have been published in all 50 Old Mountain Press Anthologies.

About the Authors  


Dorothy Barrow was born in Zebulon, NC and loved to write from an early age. She graduated from Wakelon high school at 16 and from Duke University at 20. She wrote her college senior paper, thoughtfully, about the strengths and weaknesses of Mormonism.

Jenny Bates, North Carolina. Member of Winston-Salem Writers. NC Poetry Society, NC Writers Network. Published books include, Coyote with Coffee (Catbird on the Yadkin Press, NC 2014). Visitations (Hermit Feathers Press, NC 2019). Slip (Hermit Feathers Press, NC 2020). Her newest collection, Where the Deer Sleep (Hermit Feathers Press, NC 2022). Known local animal whisperer to Donkeys, Coyotes and “Crow Folk.”

S.G. (Sandy) Benson has been writing articles and feature stories since 1971. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers nationwide. She published her first book, My Mother’s Keeper: One Family’s Journey Through Dementia, in 2021 and is working on another. This is her second OMP anthology contribution. She writes from her home in Warne, NC, where she lives with her husband, Barry, and two bossy dachshunds.

Kerri Habben Bosman is a writer living in Chapel Hill, NC. Her essays and articles regularly appear in publications throughout the United States and Canada. She is a 1996 graduate of North Carolina State University.


Glenn Cassidy teaches public policy with a background in a broad range of social sciences, making him a keen observer of human behavior, as often reflected in his poetry and short fiction. He has published more than 40 poems and short stories in journals and anthologies such as Main Street Rag, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Red Headed Stepchild, Pinesong, and others.  He currently resides in Albany, NY.

Annie Chambers was born into a poor family, but was given a chance by a blind neighbor lady. Annie was an average student until she found that she could express through writing. She moved up the business ladder from stock girl to marketing vice-president as her skills were discovered. She enjoys everyday and all her gentleman callers who bring her presents.

Steve Cushman has been publishing stories and poems for almost thirty years now, but still struggles with the proper use of the semi-colon.  Maybe the next poem, or story, will help show him the way.  


Tom Davis’ publishing credits include Poets Forum, The Carolina Runner, Triathlon Today, Georgia Athlete, The Fayetteville Observer’s Saturday Extra, A Loving Voice Vol. I and II, Special Warfare., and Winston-Salem Writers’ POETRY IN PLAIN SIGHT program 2013 and 2021. He has authored several books. Tom, A retired Special Forces soldier, has completed his memoir, The Most Fun I ever Had With My Clothes: On A March from Private to Colonel. He lives in Sylva, NC.

Suzanne Delaney is a Retired RN. Born in Australia, she lived in the Hawaiian Islands for 40 yrs and now lives in NC. A regular contributor to OMP, her poems are included in A Bridge to ALL Nations, Poems of Nature, Enchantment and Mystery. by Carol Mays and Suzanne Delaney. PS: It’s Poetry. and PS: It’s Still Poetry.—An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry from Around the World Paperback.

Bob Demaree is the author of four book-length collections of poems, published by Beech River Books. His poems have received first place in competitions sponsored by the Poetry Society of New Hampshire and the Burlington Writers Club. A retired educator, he lives in Burlington, NC, and Wolfeboro, NH.

Nancy Dillingham, Big Ivy poet, is a sixth generation Dillingham from Dillingham, a small community in western North Carolina. She is associate editor of the online poetry journal Speckled Trout Review and coeditor of four anthologies of western North Carolina women writers. Her latest works are Like Headlines: New and Selected Poems and the chapbooks Revelation, I Can’t Breathe, and Vantages.  Her forthcoming chapbook is entitled A Wild Shining.  She lives in Asheville, NC.

David Dixon is a physician, poet, and musician who lives and practices in the foothills of North Carolina.  His work has appeared in Rock & Sling, The Northern Virginia Review, Connecticut River Review, FlyingSouth, Aji Magazine, and elsewhere. He is the author of “The Scattering of Saints” (Hermit Feathers Press, 2022).


Dena Ferrari is a regular contributor to OMP. Dena’s poetry are featured in Westchester Community College of NY Phoenix (1975), Writers Alliance Poets World-Wide  anthologies has many of her published works. Dena’s own books, Poems From the Hearth (2010) Come Closer My Dearies (2013), Charmed Times Three (2015), and her newest book Wyld Earth Magick (2018) shows diversified writing styles, leaving a Living Legacy for her grandchildren. She and her husband, Peter live in Vass, NC.

Joanne Kennedy Frazer, a retired peace and justice director and educator for faith-based organizations, is a third-act-of-life poet.  She enjoys writing on issues of justice, the natural world and spirituality .Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies, journals and e-zines.  Her second chapbook Seasonings (Kelsay Press), will be published in early 2023.  She lives in Durham, NC.


Bob Garrett has made several contributions to the Old Mountain Press Anthology series. He is a nurse practitioner for Phoebe Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, and Phoebe Urgent Care. He lives in Sylvester, GA.

James Gibson, private pilot, scuba diver, and retired corporate manager, writes from Northville, Michigan. His first five novels featured Native American culture in the epic “Anasazi Quest” series. His eighth novel, To Live or Die in Taiwan was published in 2018, and a sequel, To Live or Die in Panama is drafted. Review all his published books at Anasazi Princess and Anasazi Journey are now available as Kindle books on

Marian Gowan is a regular contributor to Old Mountain Press anthologies. Her work has also appeared in several southern regional publications. She retired to the NC mountains from western NY in 2001, but returned to NY in 2017 to be near family.

Farley Granger thinks more than he writes, and he writes more than he sees other people. He grew up in a depressed country town and understands the struggles of poor, heartland folks. But he has a lot of hope. Farley lives in La Grange, NC.


Gloria Harrington has been a member of both the Georgia Poetry Association and John’s Creek Poetry Group for over ten years. Her poems have been published seven times in the yearly anthology issues: Reach of Song. Also, she placed 3rd in a national poetry contest several years ago. She lives in Tucker, Georgia, and is a retired teacher.


Jill Jennings’ work has appeared in Atlanta Review; Oberon; Calamari; Reach of Song;  Encore; and Please See Me journals. Her 3 full-length books include The Poetry Alarm Clock; Dead Man’s Flower; and Pineapple Wine: Poems of  Maui.  She has received numerous prizes and awards including the U.S Congressional Commendation. A GA native, she now lives in Fort Myers, FL.


Fiona Kelly is a mid-twenties writer of plays, poems, and essays. She lives in Raleigh in Historic Oakwood and tries to soak up the human stories associated with the antiquity of our great state capital. She would rather write than work, go out with her friends than be alone, travel than eat. She is growing up and experiencing her world and life. Good topics for writing!

K. D. Kennedy, Jr. lives in Raleigh, NC. He has published Eight Books (8) books of poetry, short stories, and essays: Our Place On Time, Waiting Out In The Yard, For Rhyme Or Reason, Progenitors: A Kennedy Genealogy, The Works Of K. D. Kennedy, Jr., Poems Worth Remembering, Family...Forever’s Lovesong, and Truth Instead. He has also published works in over forty anthologies and periodicals. His works have been published in all 50 Old Mountain Press Anthologies.

Katherine Kerestman is the author of Creepy Cat’s Macabre Travels: Prowling around Haunted Towers, Crumbling Castles, and Ghoulish Graveyards (WordCrafts Press, 2020)—a non-fiction travel memoir to destinations associated with macabre stories in history, literature, and film—as well as numerous horrific short stories and non-fiction articles in anthologies and journals. She has a B.A. from John Carroll University, and an M.A. from Case Western Reserve University; and she is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of  America, the Jane Austen Society of North America, Mensa, the Horror Writers Association, the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, and the Dracula Society. She is wild about Dark Shadows and Twin Peaks, and is known to frolic in the graveyards of Salem on Halloween. You can keep up with her at 


Patsy Kennedy Lain resides in Hubert, North Carolina and has two self-published books: BACKROADS, 2021, and FLASHBACKS, 2022. She continues to work on future books and paints weekly.  Patsy had published works in multiple anthologies, several magazines and local papers.  She has won many honors for her works in local Senior games.  Patsy continues to be inspired by her past, present and her surroundings as well as life in general.

Brenda Kay Ledford resides in Hayesville, NC. Her work has appeared in all of the Old Mountain Press anthologies. She’s received the Paul Green Multimedia Award thirteen times from NC Society of Historians for her books and blogs. Her works have been published in all 50 Old Mountain Press Anthologies.

K. A. Lewis graduated from the Corcoran School of Art in 1986. Her work experience includes cake decorating, jewelry sales, a hypnosis certification, being robbed at gunpoint, and 32 years as a custom picture framer. She writes fantasy and SF, and since 2014, her poetry, flash fiction, and genre fiction have been published in over twenty anthologies. Katy and her husband live with four demanding cats in a small book-stuffed house in Falls Church, VA.


Preston Martin is retired from both business and education. He now co-teaches at Duke’s Continuing Education program. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in New Ohio Review, Tar River Poetry, Chaffin Journal, Kakalak, Broad River Review, Appalachian Review, Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, anthologies including “I Thought I Heard a Cardinal Sing” Ohio’s Appalachian Voices, and Every River on Earth: writings from Appalachian Ohio (Ohio University Press). He lives in Chapel Hill, NC.

 Celia Miles, a native of Jackson County, is a retired community college instructor, who lives in Asheville. She enjoys writing and reading mysteries and historical fiction, seeking out Neolithic sites and stone circles in her travels. She writes about what intrigues and inspires her and early grist mills do both. Her eleventh novel, fourth Marcy Dehanne grist mill mystery, The Secret at the Little Lost Mill came out in May. website:


Linda O’Donnell lives with her dog and four horses on a small farm in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  A former Marine and a retired schoolteacher, she currently volunteers her time with a writing group at the local Senior Center.

Beverly Ohler has written in many forms through her career of designing for theater, teaching, producing festivals and creating visual art which began with her work in NYC in her early life. Five books, many varied kinds of publications and drawing has filled her life in Western Carolina after retiring from Warren Wilson College.

Karen O’Leary is a writer and editor from West Fargo, ND. She has published poetry, short stories, and articles in a variety of venues including, Frogpond, Setu, bear creek haiku, Shemom, Atlas Poetica and NeverEnding Story. She has contributed to many Old Mountain Press anthologies. Karen edited an international online journal called Whispers for 5 ½ years. She enjoys sharing the gift of words.

Martha O’Quinn is a longtime contributor to OMP Anthologies.  Her poetry  and prose (non-fiction) reflect a true southern heritage. Her work has appeared in a number of Southern publications.  She lives in Loganville, GA, mother of two, grandmother of four and great-grandmother of six.


David W. Plunkett lives in Young Harris, GA, and is the author of two novels Chessboard and Poisoned Pawn. His poetry and short stories have appeared in various publications including prior issues of Old Mountain Press anthologies. A former journalist and retired attorney, he has written for newspapers, magazines, and professional journals.  His writing has received awards from the Georgia and Alabama Press Associations.

Michael Potts’s most recent works are Slipknot and Other Dark Poems and Death Rattle and Other Dark Tales. He is Professor of Philosophy at Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Michael lives with his wife, Karen, and six cats in Coats, North Carolina.



Mary Ricketson lives in Murphy NC, works as a mental health counselor and a blueberry farmer.  Her poems often reflect the healing power of nature, surrounding mountains as midwife for her words.  Her published collections are I Hear the River Call My Name, Hanging Dog Creek, Shade and Shelter, Mississippi: The Story of Luke and Marian, Keeping in Place, and Lira, Poems of a Woodland Woman. Forthcoming book: Precious the Mule.

Maria Rouphail is the author of three books of poetry:  Apertures, Second Skin, and All the Way to China. She lives in Raleigh, NC.


Barbara Tate Sayre, award winning artist and writer, is a long time contributor to the Old Mountain Press Anthology Series. She’s a member of the British Haiku Society, the Haiku Society of America, the Tanka Society of America and the Australian Haiku Society. Barbara is currently working on a book of haibun and tanka. She and her husband Randolph currently divide their time between Winchester, TN and Akron, Ohio.

Paul Sherman sculpts snowmen on a northern slope of Mt. Mitchell, in Yancey County, NC. His work has appeared in OMP, Silver Blade, and On the Inside of Outside. He stocks shelves for the big one.

Rishan Singh is the owner of his own brand. He is widely published in poetry. The presented poem is dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He won first prize for the poetry in 2011 by the PMB Museum. He is a Golden Key recipient, recipient of the World Social Sciences Forum Scholarship.

Lois Greene Stone, writer and poet, has been syndicated worldwide. Poetry and personal essays have been included in hard & softcover book anthologies. Collections of her personal items/ photos/ memorabilia are in major museums including twelve different divisions of The Smithsonian. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History’s current ‘Girlhood’ exhibit has a large showcase where Lois’ photo represents all teens from the 1950’s; her hand-designed clothing and costume sketches are also displayed. She lives in Pittsford, NY.

Shelby Stephenson’s recent book is Country. He was poet laureate of North Carolina from 2015-2018. He lives where he was born—985 Sanders Road, Benson, NC 27504.


Carroll S. Taylor is a retired educator who lives with her husband in Hiawassee, GA. She is a writer, poet, and playwright. She collaborated with Raven Chong to bring their historical one-act play Beneath the Sky and Waters to the Peacock Theater, Hayesville, NC, as part of Scribes on Stage 2022. She loves reptiles and amphibians, especially turtles and snakes, which often find their way into her poetry, young adult novels, and short stories.


Barbara Ledford Wright has been doing genealogy for several years, adding to the “Find A Grave” project. She uses facts and fiction to develop into stories about her ancestors. She has been published in several journals and the Old Mountain Press anthology series. She’s a retired teacher and resides in Shelby, NC.


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