Stay Out of My Business by Georgia Hooker McNeill ISBN: 978-0-9794796-2-5 269 pages $14.95 + $2.00 P&H shows that no matter who you are or whatever you have to endure, we don't have from our past faults, failure and disappointments. God forgives us even when we donít forgive ourselves. Contact the author email, phone 919-498-3358
Other books by this author: God Gave Me Kinky Hair and Tired of Being a Pastor's Wife

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About the Book
About the Author

About the book

No one can keep a secret from Peggy! She knows everything. Zelma had a secret that have been hidden in her past for over twenty years! Peggy had all the details. Lillie comes to Cedar Creek thinking that she had buried her past. Peggy dug up Lillie's bones. Brenda goes after her married boss and Peggy is right there to stop her. Stella loves a man that doesn't love her and Peggy doesn't mind telling her about his girlfriend. David thought that he had gotten out of her clutches until Peggy follows him to his therapist office. Does Peggy has a life of her own? Find out in the sequel, Stay out of God's Business!


"And make sure you keep your nose out of my business!" Momma yelled and slammed down the phone just as I was coming in the front door. Momma never raised her voice unless she was angry with someone.

My God! My prescription! Peggy is always causing me to leave to leave things undone- my grocery, my hair and now, my medication. If I keep running from her I'm going to end up skinny, baldheaded and crazy!

Your momma had a way of always making me angry. She made me hit her. She deserved every beating I gave her.

About the Author

Georgia Hooker Mcneill, author and motivational speaker lives in Cameron, North Carolina with her husband, John. She has three adult children. She is an advocate for persons with developmental disabilities. Her novels includes God Gave Me Kinky Hair and Tired of Being a Pastor's Wife. She is currently work on her autobiography, I Can Only Speak for Me.

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