Beach Bum a Myrtle Beach Adventure by Dennis Gimmel, ISBN: 0-9712482-2-2, 187 pages perfect bound,  save by ordering a signed copy on line or by mail for $12.95 includes P&H, published by Stellar Books in conjunction with Old Mountain Press. Beach Bum is an action-packed thriller set in Myrtle Beach. Nurses Maggie McLeod and Bonnie Osborn travel to Myrtle Beach for a working vacation. Their lives would soon turn upside down when a murderess man for hire kidnaps Maggie and demands money from her wealthy father. Jake Brown and an unassuming hobo prove to be unlikely heroes.

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Beach Bum

About the Book

     Dennis Gimmel’s latest Jake Brown book, Beach Bum, is a fast paced ride from 
Wilmington, North Carolina, to the heart of Myrtle Beach. From rural Georgia to the coastal wilderness of North Carolina. Nursing buddies, Maggie McLeod and Bonnie Osborn, travel to Myrtle Beach as seminar speakers at the annual convention. Unbeknown to the women, Eric Rourke, an evil man for hire, has been contracted to kidnap Maggie and hold her for ransom. She is the daughter of wealthy textile magnet, Carlton McLeod. The kidnaping of his beloved daughter, reek havoc on the old man’s health, plus the huge monetary demand could ruin the company.

Jake, by chance, had met the nurses prior to the abduction while having breakfast at the Beach Deli. Jake’s good friend, retired police Sargent Rudy Rogers, suffered an apparent heart attack while devouring a biscuit. Sitting in the adjacent booth, Maggie and Bonnie’s  timely intervention saved Rudy’s life.

The Myrtle Beach and Wilmington Police Departments, in conjunction with the Postal Inspection Service and the FBI, join forces in pursuit of the missing woman and her abductor. Jake and Bonnie work the case in an unofficial manner, uncovering clues and trying to stay at arm’s length as their feelings toward each other intensify.

The story turns when an unlikely character, a local hobo by the name of Barney Meyer, witnesses a seemingly unrelated murder in Myrtle Beach’s Chafin Park. Due to past problems, the little man could not contact the police, instead he finds Jake Brown’s Strand Private Eye listing in the Yellow Pages. The unlikely due  team up for surprising and often comical results.

Be sure to check out Dennis’ first two books in the Jake Brown series, Dog Lot and Sand Trap.

About the Author

Dennis Gimmel’s first novel, Dog Lot, and his second novel, Sand Trap, were an overwhelming success.  The author has established Jake Brown as the Carolina coast’s most lovable and bumbling private eye. Dennis, an Ohio native, has called High Point, North Carolina home for almost thirty years. Retired from the post office, Dennis stays busy with writing, driving a school bus, and traveling with his wife Rosemary to visit children and grandchildren.


    The little hobo wasn’t prone to exaggerations. They gazed at the two story cement block structure before them. It wasn’t exactly the Cracker Barrel. Dirty yellow paint, torn screens in the windows, and a crooked rusted sign greeted would-be diners. A large gravel parking lot extended to a sleepy two-lane highway. Two antiquated gas pumps, a rusted out Dodge van, and a lazy brown dog completed the front view. Southern Living would not be calling for a photo shoot today.
    “They serve food here?” Jake asked, hoping that Barney would say no.
    “Used to,” Barney said. “I don’t remember it looking this bad.”
    “You were young and in heat. I don’t smell anything cooking.”
    “Who would he be cooking for, the dog?”
    Score one for the bum.
    They pushed their way through the squeaking screen door and stepped into the 1960's - the dirt poor 60's. The counter top was well worn green Formica bordered by three red pedestal seats, the cushions concaved and dulled with use. To the right, a rusted out Nehi cooler and crates of sodas and oil. A brown ceiling fan stirred pungent air. The sound system, a dust covered GE radio, reported the day’s obituaries. Jake and Barney pulled up a seat.
 Behind the counter stood an ancient man, his teeth yellow and one eye looked to be dead. Pappy Breyer had to be ninety. The glimmer in his good eye revealed fire still smoldering.
 Pappy stared at them like they had just arrived from the moon.

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