Sand Trap a Myrtle Beach Thriller by Dennis Gimmel, ISBN: 0-9712482-0-6, 246 pages perfect bound,  save by ordering a signed copy on line or by mail for $12.95 includes P&H, published by Stellar Books in conjunction with Old Mountain Press.  Sand Trap, is an action-packed thriller set in the lush country club surroundings of Myrtle Beach. The story includes, murder, blackmail, and  infidelity. The adventure takes the reader from the mansions of Myrtle Beach  to the lavish estates and resorts of Central and South America. Send check or  money order to Dennis Gimmel, 706 Impala Ave., High Point, NC 27265. Or order through PayPal.
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Sand Trap by Dennis Gimmel

About the Book

     Dennis Gimmel’s second novel, Sand Trap like his first novel Dog Lot, is a fast-paced thriller, set in the  lush country club surroundings of Myrtle Beach. The laid-back private eye,  Jake Brown, is hired by the alluring Mona Pasko to spy on her womanizing husband Marko. Posing as Mona’s spiritual advisor, Salloa, Jake snoops around  the Pasko estate. He is befriended by the lovely maid while theologically challenged by the humble groundskeeper.
     Meanwhile, several employees of Droughbrigh Country Club are trapped in  the drug smuggling scheme orchestrated by the Paskos and the big city Mafia. Caught between their well-paying part in the operation and their need for  freedom, seven desperate young people face the challenge of the Paskos’ control and their own faltering relationships.
    Their story includes murder, blackmail, and infidelity. The adventure takes the reader from the mansions of Myrtle Beach to the lavish estates and resorts of Central and South America.
    See the comical Jake Brown unmask the country club fraud and follow the young people as they desperately run from the Mafia, the Paskos, and each other.

About the Author

Dennis Gimmel’s first novel, Dog Lot, was an overwhelming success in  introducing Jake Brown as the Carolina coast’s most lovable and bumbling private eye. Dennis will be featuring a series starring Jake Brown and his  colorful sidekicks. Look for the third of the Myrtle Beach thrillers in the fall of 2003. Dennis, an Ohio native, has called High Point, North Carolina home for  twenty-five years.

    It was a hot early fall day. The Carolina low country’s only relief was a  gentle breeze that whipped through the pines and palmettos. Just twenty years  before, this area was a swamp - a swamp waiting for the inevitable expansion of the Beach. Spurred on by greed and visions of opportunity, this swamp,  like millions of other acres of swamp along the “Golden Strand,” went the way of progress: golf courses, outlet malls, restaurants, time-shares, strip-malls, retirement communities, and pavement. The constant pat of lawn sprinklers and the occasional rattle of a cell-phone now replaced the age-old  serenity of the quiet marsh. 
    In many ways they were just ordinary young people - ordinary young people caught up in the world they chose. Like several thousand people in the Myrtle  Beach area, their livelihood revolved around a golf course. This group had  more on their minds than grass seed and fertilizer, however. They were caught  up in a different kind of game.

    “Now, let me get this... you say that God is in everything... Is that  right?” Herndon asked Salloa bright and early Wednesday morning.
    Herndon Jones was a likable guy and under normal circumstances, he would be great company. But dealing with a spiritually astute person didn’t make  Jake’s cover as a “new age” spiritual guide any easier to pull off. It did make their encounters quite challenging. Jake wished he would just talk about 
the weather or something like that. It would make life so much easier.
    “That’s right, Mr. Jones, God is manifested in everything.”

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