Dog Lot a Myrtle Beach Thriller by Dennis Gimmel, 189 pages perfect bound, save by ordering a signed copy on line or by mail for $12.95 includes P&H:  Dog Lot, is an action-packed thriller set in Myrtle Beach published by Stellar Books. Jake Brown, a retired Postal worker and now a licensed private-eye, is hired by Liz Alton, a beautiful, and wealthy widow who has been the target of strange and ominous pranks. Send check or money order to Dennis Gimmel, 706 Impala Ave., High Point, NC  27265. Or order through PayPal.
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Dog Lot by Dennis Gimmel

About the Book

      Dennis Gimmel’s first novel, Dog Lot, is an action packed thriller based in Myrtle Beach. Jake Brown is a retired Postal worker who lives at the beach. He spends most of his time fishing and playing golf. To ward of boredom he is also CEO of Strand Private Eye. His normal workload is anemic to put it mildly.
     That all changes when Liz Alton becomes his new client. This gorgeous, rich, widow is being harassed by an unknown menace. Not getting any satisfaction from the police, she dialed Jake’s number.
     The down to earth, light-hearted, and often comical Jake Brown flies into low gear trying to get to the bottom of this high priced caper. This adventure leads him on an action filled journey from Wilmington to Savannah; from the gated communities of millionaires to a shack in a swamp; from his antics at the police department to coffee with his favorite waitress.
     If you like down to earth characters and flowing action, you will like Dennis Gimmel’s Dog Lot.

About the Author

Dennis Gimmel grew up on a small farm in Ohio. He graduated from high school in 1968. He served a four year Navy hitch and was married in 1974. In 1976 Dennis and his wife moved to North Carolina. His first wife passed away in 1982 leaving him with his twin children. Dennis married his present wife, Rosemary, in 1985. Rosemary brought two children into the marriage. The children are now grown and Dennis and Rosemary call High Point, North Carolina home. 

Dennis has just finished his second book, Sand Trap, featuring his lovably and bumbling private-eye character, Jake Brown. The popular Jake Brown series will feature a new “Myrtle Beach Thriller” each year.

      “How’s the private eye business?” Joe smiled. He knew darn well that Jake hadn’t had any work in seven months. And even then it was about as close to nothing as you could get. Some gal from North Myrtle wanted to find a cousin she hadn’t seen or heard from in twenty-five years. Jake checked a few things on the Internet, made a phone call, made the connection, and collected his check. It took all of five hours.

        Jennifer opened the gate to the dog lot. The dogs did not run out since they had been trained to stay in the fence. She closed the gate as Eddie carried Liz inside the dog lot. Jennifer opened the door of the building, and they went inside.
        The furnishings consisted of a small bed, a bucket with water in it, another bucket for a commode, a candle lantern, a small three-drawer dresser, and a straight back wooden chair.

        He gave Sally a kiss and said, “I’ll call you tonight.” He was more than a little nervous as he stepped out the door.
        “Be careful,” she said with her eyes full of concern.
        Jake got into his old truck and reflected on how long it had been since any woman had really cared about him. He remembered how important it had always been to him. It seemed like it was in another life. Sally brought those memories back. 

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