Our Place In Time (a book of poetry) by K.D. Kennedy, Jr., 136 page, perfect bound, ISBN 0-9723794-0-1, $12.95 + $2.50 P&H.  We all spend our life, our place in time, seeking answers. My hope is that the reader will share a connection with me, through one or more of these poems, that will help provide at least a starting point toward answering his or her questions. To order send check or money order to: K.D. Kennedy, Jr., 1525 Carr Street, Raleigh, N.C. 27608 E-mail kdibuc@aol.com

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Our Place in Time

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Our Place in Time

About the Book
Our Place In Time covers a wide assortment of topics, both practical and philosophical. These poems are metered and rhymed as well as free-verse. This book of poems is written in a multitude of styles that seemed to the author the best way to present each subject. The author hopes that reading this book of poetry will assist the reader to better define each’s “...Place In Time.”

Sample of the Work

Our Place In Time

A dew drop glistened her lapel.
A robin’s song kissed the morn.
Our whispered words of sweet bliss fell,
on no ears through the mist and thorn.

A peace lay on this hilly moor,
as morning’s pale Sun full arose.
This Ayrshire knoll we both adore,
our Scots place of loving repose.

Unlike life stations, but this our time,
sweet refuge from worldly ways.
We mused of past lovers, here sublime,
who flared brightly, then vanished in haze.

Back to Maybole we slowly strolled,
heads bowed in thoughts of woe.
Each other’s virtues, our lips extolled,
as our robin chased off the crow.

Readers' Comments

“Thank you for your excellent book. I read it cover to cover and enjoyed all of them, especially “Keepsakes”, “Search for God”, and “A Boy and His Bear”. I found your style of poetry very believable and understandable. The collection is a page turner!” 

Dr. Paul A. Willis
Dean of Libraries
Thomas Cooper Library
University of South Carolina.

“I found that I was drawn from one poem to another by the images and snapshots you presented…from the romantic poems to the universal ones…this book provides an insightful viewpoint.” 

Dr. Hope Williams
Executive Director of North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities.

“While reading through Our Place In Time, I read your poem ‘The Perfect Performance’ and suddenly realized why we do what we do. Thank you for bringing me back to a place where the world makes some sense.” 

William Jones
Executive Director of The North Carolina Theatre.

“I started reading Our Place In Time and as it turned out would not put it down until I had read every poem. I share Mr. Kennedy’s curiosity about what is our place and why we are in it. This collection provides a lot of insight to me through his thoughts and I felt much better after having read it.”

Sam Hunt
former Chairman of the North Carolina Highway Commission and Burlington businessman.

“Thanks for sharing your lovely, soothing, and entertaining book of poems. I sat down to read a few this morning and ended up reading it cover to cover. You touched many common feelings about family and places and eternal questions. ‘Keepsakes’ especially struck me as very wise and reinforcing! Thank you!”

 Mary Moss
 lawyer and homemaker in Raleigh, N.C.
Author’s Comment

A Poet’s Sigh

What meteor sped down from space
to herald this book’s time and place.
What Herculean god out there
gave up this inspiration’s care.
How lucky can one poet be
to grasp these insights clean and free.
I hope I’ve filled some great world need,
to transmit these ideas, indeed.

But when it flies forth from my nest,
to some new home, to share its best,
I’ll muse and finally understand
that it was wrote by mortal man.
Each reader places final seal,
as to my book’s worthy appeal.
Yet, I’ll love it on any day,
a poet, author, parent’s way.

About the Author

K.D. Kennedy, Jr. is the son of Dorothy and Kenneth D. Kennedy, and grew up in the picturesque, friendly, coastal plain North Carolina town of Wilson. Although he always wanted to understand how things worked, especially the human psyche, he wasn’t educated in psychology, the arts, or creative writing. Instead, enjoying eating and having a roof over his head, he became an electrical engineer with a BSEE from Duke University and a MEE from N.C. State University. 

Being introduced into the arts by his first and only wife, Sara Lynn, he began to “open a new window” for himself and his family about twenty-five years ago. Soon thereafter, he began acting, singing, writing, fundraising, and sharing his business and technical acumen with the Raleigh arts community. This passion became a family affair as his children, Katherine, Lauren, and Michael have become, to differing degrees, professional performers in musical recording and theater. His oldest son, Ken, due to his lack of artistic fervor, thinks possibly that he was adopted. 

Life experiences such as listening to grandchildren and electrical contractors, walking the beaches and mountains of North Carolina, and traveling through Scotland, have enhanced his poetic point-of-view. Volunteer work with Barton College, North Carolina Theater, and reading and listening to great poets, has added immeasurably to his understanding of humanity. Although one can never be an expert in this field, more study is both necessary and enjoyable! Living for thirty-seven years beside one who is beautiful in so many ways, Sara Lynn Riley Kennedy, has lovingly nurtured his PLACE IN TIME. 


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