Waiting Out in the Yard by K. D. Kennedy, JR., ISBN: 0-9723794-1-X, 146 pg, $12.95 + $2.50 P&H, is a folio of narrative poetry. It is a collection of thoughts on various subjects while being outside, ruminating, walking, and waiting. “One can only be out in the yard, get an inspiration, write, then write again, waiting for the perfect falling star, enjoying the imperfect ones!” To order send check or money order to:
K. D. Kennedy, Jr.
1525 Carr Street
Raleigh, N.C. 27608
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About the Book
About the Author

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Our Place in Time

Waiting Out in the Yard

For Rhyme or Reason





Waiting Out in the Yard

About the book

I just keep on writing about falling stars and flashing lights that come to mind and sometimes, something comes forth that has a story, a message, or a useful value. As you will quickly see when you pick it up, this book has taken on a gamut of celestial rarities. I hope that these diverse themes, often foreign to your mind, will broaden and stimulate your imagination. 

     It seems like this offering, Waiting out in the Yard, has taken a more narrative form than the “momentary happenings” feeling that seemed to be prevalent in my first book, Our Place in Time. Just as geometry is the product of both physical shapes and mathematics, just as chronometry is the combination of astrophysics and musical rhythm in timekeeping, so is it possible to combine poetry and prose into a kaleidoscope of beautiful mixtures. I hope this confluence, in my style, will be meaningful and enjoyable for you. My wish is that my wanderings and probing will add to your involvement in, and enjoyment of, mankind’s continuing Great Conversation.

Sample of the Work

Your Mom

Clad in a smile
her touch dismisses your fears.
Never do flags wave.
Nor do cannons ever report during her victories.
Just your quiet contentment floats
in her wake.

Midst dissolution, death, and destruction,
she listens with the patience of warm, calm sea winds,
whispers in the voice of a goddess,
and heals as if by the power of saints.

As resolute as an oak,
she nurtures each acorn,
wipes dew from each sapling
and soothes your tired, scaly bark.
Peace, love, and fairness
pray to her at the shrine of all faiths.

A determined warrior,
she carries your heart next to hers.
Demons are slain 
and heroes bow at her feet.

Treasure her as if she is your most prized possession.
She is.

About the Author

K. D. Kennedy, Jr. is a husband, a father, a grandfather, a son, an electrical wholesaler, a sports fan, a walker/hiker, a promoter of Raleigh and especially the downtown revitalization, a producer of theater, a beach and mountain goer, a traveler, a friend, a fundraiser, a builder of real estate and other things, and a pretty doggone good doer! He has given up golf, tennis, and hunting and replaced it with playing with his grandchildren. He loves to write and finds it a medication through meditation. Beyond that he seeks to live and let live, enjoy and let enjoy, and observe the myriad of mindsets of all creatures. (A related blurb under his other book, Our Place in Time, gives more information about Mr. Kennedy) 

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